“The only time I had any fear was in the Lisbon final”

first_imgReal Madrid defender Dani Carvajal does not forget the tension he experienced in the 2014 Champions League final against Atlético de Madrid, a match that has meant “the only time” that has felt “some fear” on a pitch for how close they were to lose.“I think the only time I had any fear or modesty was in the Lisbon final when I saw that the game was slipping out of our hands, that time went by without realizing it and I saw that the maximum rival of the city was going to win that Champions League. I think that is the only time I have been afraid or a little afraid in the countryside, “ Carvajal confesses in the February issue of the magazine ‘GQ Spain’. Therefore, bet on “keep your feet on the ground, to avoid criticism or flattery when things are going very well, try to be constant. “” You should know that there are better and worse moments, but always give everything of yourself and trust, “he emphasizes.The side also remembers that in the locker room, “as a key to success”, they try “Be all a team and go all to one”. “When Zidane arrived he implemented that philosophy and is doing it again”, highlights the international who rules out that the coach has ‘flower’ and that he wins “even if the team is not well and whoever he takes out.”“That seems to be luck, but I think the coach works hard, trusts all the players and knows what staff he has, how and when each player can perform, and that is very, very good,” says Dani Carvajal. On a personal level, Leganés recognizes that “many times collective titles have a great influence on reaching those individual titles”, but that he is currently “in one of the best moments” of his career.“With the confidence of the master and my teammates, I am playing with great intelligence, with the experience that the years give, and working hard physically to be at that level, “adds the side, who knows that he is in a club with” the best in the world “and that” it is not easy to get from the quarry and be there for so many years. “That is why, despite everything, he tries to maintain his “lifelong” friendships and “keep your feet on the ground”. “I have to know where I come from, but it is true that it is the stereotype that people least imagine.”center_img And is that Carvajal wants to be “true” to himself and maintain “contact with the people you grew up with”. “If I have to have a beer with my friends to tell us about our lives, I drink it calmly. In your group one will work, another will study, but not because you have done very well means that you are above anyone,” he said. sincereSimilarly, admit that “Not everyone is prepared to withstand” the pressure of playing at Real Madrid and “have two bad games and be questioned.” “You give a bad pass and you hear the murmur of your people. We already know how the Bernabéu is demanding and it is complicated,” he emphasizes.last_img read more

Who is this child who now triumphs in the City?

first_imgOur mysterious player today was born in Lisbon on August 10, 1994 and since childhood I knew that his great passion was football. With eight years in the lower categories of Benfica and now, he already has up to twelve titles as a professional player.The boy exploded as a footballer in the club of the shirt you saw in the photo, Benfica, but just played three games with the first team. This midfielder dazzled with the subsidiary of the incarnated in Second Division being named best player in the category but never barely had opportunities with the majors. Benfica yielded it to Monaco, where it stormed the strength demonstrated in the Portuguese Silver Division. So much so that the club of the Principality invested 15.75 million euros to keep it in property when it was valued at just over 3 ‘kilos’. In his third season in France he would be part of a historical squad. Those in Monaco broke the hegemony of the PSG by winning Ligue 1 in a team that led alongside Lemar, Moutinho, Falcao and an imberbe Kylian Mbappé. In addition to its quality within the green, several teammates have noted that he is equally good person when he leaves the field. Guardiola highlighted his good attitude and his excellent ability for languages. “Bernardo is one of the most charming people I have ever met in my life. He speaks four or five languages ​​and that is the best way to understand his open mind, “he said.Our mysterious player is a Bernardo Silva who lives a great moment in his career. The Portuguese is one of the important players in Manchester City and has become a regular in the calls of the Portuguese team with which he hopes to revalidate the title of European champions. In a few days, The Lisbon will be in front of Real Madrid to try to advance in the Champions, the pending subject of the City.CARL RECINE & nbsp; (Action Images via Reuters) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Bernardo Silva celebrates a goal against Manchester United.CARL RECINE (Action Images via Reuters) In July 2017, Our mysterious player was signed by Manchester City in exchange for 50 million euros. There, he has become one of the key players in the recent domain of the Premier League by the skyblue. The 18/19, which ended with a domestic triplet for the Etihad, has been his best campaign so far converting 13 goals and giving another 14 in 51 games.last_img read more

In England, the 2014 Pellegrini Premier is in danger

first_imgThe newspaper The Guardian recalls that the Premier has admitted to investigating irregularities committed by the City that have resulted in UEFA’s sanction, to see if such behavior should also result in punishment on their part. Until now there have been no demonstrations or accusations by the Premier, although media such as the Daily Mail and the Express They point out that the sanction, if it occurs, could have retroactive effects, something that allows the regulations of the Premier. Although we must also bear in mind that the Premier is much laxer than UEFA in its regulations, allowing clubs losses of up to 126 million euros in three seasons.In the case of a reduction of points, they point out that it would not make sense to be carried out on the current season, but in the years in which the infractions occurred, that is, from 2012 to 2016, period in which in addition to the aforementioned Premier, the City won two League Cups (2014 and 2016).In the event that this information is confirmed and the City lost the title of 2014 (and was awarded to Liverpool), it would mean the redemption of Steven Gerrard, the legend of the ‘reds’ whose slip on day 36 of that championship against Chelsea will always be remembered as one of the keys that allowed the City to win the title. Many of the direct and indirect consequences that UEFA’s sanction will entail for the Manchester City. Among them would be the possible ‘forced’ sale of players, the future of Guardiola … But today the English press points to a possible punishment that would entail the loss of one of the entity’s great achievements throughout its history: the 2013/14 Premier League.That was the fourth league title (second Premier) of the City in its history. The team led by Manuel Pellegrini then beat Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers after 38 games by two points. Premier League* Data updated as of February 16, 2020last_img read more

Official: Reinier will be presented tomorrow at the Bernabéu

first_imgThe new Brazilian pearl of Madrid landed in the capital this Saturday first thing in the morning in a flight from Rio de Janeiro after enjoying some days off after playing the Pre-Olympic with Brazil. Yesterday, Reinier witnessed the draw of his new team against Celta from the Bernabéu box.Initially, Reinier will play in Castilla, since there are no chips available in the first team and the club enrolled him in the subsidiary, where he will take number 19 on his back. Until the end of the season you will have the opportunity to play at least 13 games under Raul (the subsidiary is four points from the playoff). Reinier will be presented as a new white player tomorrow Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. at the Santiago Bernabéu’s honor box. It will be the release of the last signing of the white club. After your presentation, Reinier will first step on the grass of the Santiago Bernabéu with the Real Madrid shirt and attend the media in the press room.last_img read more

Mourinho confirms that Son is low for the rest of the season

first_imgJosé Mourinho’s Tottenham accumulates problems in attack now that they are one point behind the Champions League positions in the Premier League standings. If a few months ago Harry kane He was seriously injured Now it is Heung-min Son who will be low for the remainder of the season, as confirmed by Jose Mourinho himself. And it is that the Korean was injured in the arm during the match against Aston Villa. After operating the arm, you must perform rehabilitation before returning to the playing fields. The player has 16 goals and 9 assists in the 32 games he has played this season. Tomorrow, the English club plays the first leg of the round of 16 against RB Leipzig. Steven Bergwijn Y Lucas Moura they will be the leading front theorists even without being pure nines. 7 That is why the Asian soccer player will have to go through the operating room this week. It is not known exactly how long it will be in the dry dock, although the club has issued a statement in which it says it will be many weeks. Mou has already said he will not play again in this campaign. Premier League* Data updated as of February 18, 2020last_img read more

Coronavirus breaks into the day-to-day life of Valencia

first_imgThe fear what was in Valencia with the coronavirus, having traveled to Milan last week about 2,500 people, it was confirmed yesterday. In the early morning it was made public that Kike Mateu, a journalist who follows the news of the Valencian team, had contracted the disease during the days he was in Milan.The journalist went to the Clinical Hospital of Valencia at dawn and In the first hour he was confirmed that he was infected by the coronavirus. He was admitted there. In the afternoon, four more cases related to the journalist were announced, two of these people had traveled to Milan for the game and two others had not. Faced with this situation, Valencia activated all protocols yesterday and they are in direct contact with Sanidad to make the pertinent decisions both for the match that must be held tomorrow, against Betis, and for the return match of the tie against Atalanta, on March 10. Further, All club workers who traveled to Milan have been informed of the steps to follow in case of feeling some type of symptomatology. From doors to the outside, in the club they ask for caution about the information that is happening but right now one of the priorities is that both the players and the coaching staff are safe from any contagion. In fact, the club was in contact with Health to request information about some routine acts of the club such as the press conference that this morning coach Albert Celades should offer this morning, before tomorrow’s game against Betis.In fact, until this morning they will not decide, according to the protocols that mark them Health, if the press conference develops in the usual way or if there is any kind of precaution. Therefore, The holding of the press conference was not announced, nor was the time at which the training door will open (15 minutes) for graphic media to take their images.Late yesterday, there was no news regarding the match that must be played tomorrow in Mestalla between Valencia and Betis neither of the tribute to be held at Guaje Villa. Unless there are news about it today, the match will be played as expected. The tribute is scheduled for 3:00 p.m., one hour before the game.last_img read more

“I didn’t injure Hazard, he did by contacting me …”

first_img“My first season at Madrid is bad. I will be judged in the second. It is up to me to be in good shape next year,” said Eden Hazard last Wednesday.. His debut campaign as a Real Madrid player began to twist on November 26, when he injured his ankle in the game against PSG, after a kick from Thomas Meunier, his teammate in the Belgian team. Since then, an ordeal. He reappeared almost three months later, relapsed and had to undergo surgery on March 5 in Dallas. An operation from which it continues to recover. Well, the author of the entry that changed Hazard’s step in his first season in Madrid, Meunier, spoke about that move. “YIf I didn’t injure Hazard, he was injured after contact with me. It’s a nuance !, the Belgian footballer declared on the RTBF SPORT Instagram account.The injury cut him in Madrid the ascending line that he had begun to draw and it was going to complicate him to reach the Eurocopa in a physical state and in full shape. Nevertheless, the postponement of the continental tournament to 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis will benefit Belgium, which, if no setback happens, will be able to enjoy its star one hundred percent. Asked about the suspension of the Eurocopa this year, Meunier remembered his friend Hazard again and joked: “I told myself that Eden was a friend of the Lord and that he did everything possible to cancel the Euro Cup. It worked well (laughs). It does not matter because it is not negotiable to take so many risks. It had to be postponed. The main thing is that it has been done. By the way, I don’t mind going to the World Cup a year later ”. Meunier, who hours after that fateful move apologized to the Real Madrid player (“I never want to hurt Eden Especially Eden Hazard”), never feared for the absence of Hazard in the national team tournament: “There were never doubts. The injury was super early, in December. At first it was two weeks, then two months, then there was a relapse. But I never doubted it. Even now, if there had been a Euro this year, it would have been there. “Eden Hazard, like all Spaniards after the Government decreed the State of Alarm, he is confined to his house in Madrid, following all the recovery plans sent to him by the recuperators and Gregory Dupont, physical trainer. Two weeks ago they removed the stitches from the operation and he is already walking. A recovery process that Zidane is also permanently following, who has telephoned him on several occasions to find out first hand how he is.last_img read more

A league of subsidiaries: the eternal debate in Spanish football

first_imgThe Liga de Filiales is a recurring debate in modest football. Now, with the possibility that next season there will be 108 clubs in Second B after the Federation’s proposal to end the regular phase of the competition without decreases but promotions, Many fans have once again claimed this remodeling of the category, which many modest clubs would welcome. The reason is simple, they consider their presence unequal competition. They’re club-dependent teams with budgets of billions, while they live almost daily, depending on box office money, local sponsors, and federal grants.. Where a participation in the Copa del Rey, and the economic prize that it entails, is el Gordo de Navidad.This remodeling of the competition is many years old and it was in 2008 when it was about to come true. At that time Roberto Olabe and Ricardo Resta proposed to create this league of subsidiaries to LaLiga, the Federation and the First and Second clubs. The proposal was not so aimed at protecting modest teams, but at promoting Spanish talent. This is how Olabe y Resta defended this project twelve years ago at AS: “The debut and consolidation of young people is delayed a lot. It is very difficult to get there, except for those who aim for figures. There is more expense in achieving the category than investment in the training of footballers. “The particularity of this hypothetical competition would have been in the requirements that the players and each subsidiary had to meet in order to participate: they would have to be footballers between the age of 16 and 21 and there could only be a maximum of five foreigners per club to give priority to national talent. Another peculiarity is that some first-team players could play a game in this league as a recovery after a long-term injury. The format of the competition, in which 42 subsidiaries would participate in a league without promotions or decreases, It would consist of three phases. In the first they would be divided into three groups. The top five of each league and the best sixth would play during the second phase in an Elite Super League to be the champion of Spain. The rest of the teams would be divided into two groups. In the third phase the Cup would be played among the best in phase 2. This project, which did not materialize, had some drawbacks and concerns, especially in the Federation and in some clubs. Although it was and is difficult to make the jump from the subsidiary to the first team, they consider that the physical requirement of a league of subsidiaries is not the same as in Second, Second B or Third. One of the big complaints that the coaches of the Premier or Series A have, where there are these league teams reserves. “Why can’t our reserve teams play in an official competition if they are of sufficient quality? Our young people have talent, but not the experience to reach the first team. So they do not go over the bench. It is clear that the reserve team system does not work, something must be done about it so that the talent of the boys is not wasted “Rafa Benítez protested when training Liverpool.All projects have their advantages and disadvantages and each country has sought its formula. While in England and Italy there is this league of subsidiaries, in France and Germany what they do is limit the category to which they can ascend (the third division in the case of the Germans and even the fourth with respect to the French). And just as there are different models in Europe, there are also different positions within modest football. Many are suspicious of sharing a category with the subsidiaries, but there are others who do not see it at all bad. “The subsidiaries also give quite a bit of chaché to the competition. Perhaps the issue of their players should be regulated differently,” Felipe Llamazares, general director of Cultural Leonesa, recently pointed out to AS. Or, for example, Dorado, president of Talavera: “I would not like a league of subsidiaries. They give a lot of life to Segunda B and modest clubs like Talavera help us to bring people to the stadium.”For now, the Federation does not plan to change the format of the Second B and create an exclusive competition for subsidiaries. You will hear the proposals transmitted by the clubs through their respective Territorial Federations next Tuesday, but this league is not expected to be on the table. Especially on the part of modest clubs. Some of those who see it as a good idea believe that the time is not right and many do not want to pronounce themselves if nobody raises their voice and makes a firm proposal.last_img read more

Soccer from another era: unthinkable rules today

first_imgAs of April 23, 2020, it is practically unthinkable for any fan to watch a soccer match without video arbitration.. Needless to say, there are other rules of yesteryear, already forgotten, that would have no place in today’s king sport. The IFAB rewrites the regulations each season that governs the competitions introducing small nuances such as the offside centimeters, the presence of two soccer players in the central circle or the neutral boats. However, in their day they had to face major renovations to make football what we know today. These are some of the rules that were once written in the universal book.1- Goal without stringerIn the initial rules of soccer, the clubs did exist, separated from each other by eight yards or, what is the same, 7.32 meters. There was no bond between the two, not even a tape. What’s more, the goal had no height limit, only width. In 1863, the Football Association made that decision, which would eventually be corrected over time. Currently, there is the crossbar, located 2.44 meters above the goal line.2- There was no regulation ballTake a look back at the football season at recess. One day one played with the ball of one, another with that of another … And each one had a weight or was inflated differently. As impossible as it may seem, this also happened in professional soccer. It was in the 1930 World Cup final, when Uruguay and Argentina faced each other. By not agreeing on the ball to use, FIFA established that the first half will be played with the Argentine ball and the second with the Uruguayan. At halftime, the Albiceleste won by two goals to one; in the end, Uruguay won 4-2. A ball decided the champion of a World Cup.3- A penalty without a pointThe penalty was always launched from the 11 meters from which it is shot today. However, this distance was not always measured by the current point. Before, the distance was measured as the space of the barriers is now calculated by eye. The referee counted eleven steps of approximately one meter each starting from the center of the goal and from there the shot was executed. Obviously, the calculation was not always accurate and the distances varied depending on the match. 4- The silver goalAn option present in video games, but which was also applied in real life. In fact, it is the closest rule of all those set out along these lines. The golden goal was criticized for leaving no margin of reaction to the rival and UEFA and IFAB proposed this new method. The silver goal was based on the fact that if a team scored in the first part of extra time, they would win the game as long as they had an advantage at the break. It was applied in the Eurocopa of 2004 and had special importance. Traianos Dellas, Greek footballer, gave the final to his family by scoring the decisive goal in the 105th minute. The second half of overtime was not played.5- The field could measure up to 182 metersIt is also part of the first rules of football, created in October 1863. At that time, exact measurements for the playing fields were not defined and, in fact, the margin was quite wide. The maximum size allowed was 200 yards or 182.8 meters. Wide, a total of 91.4 meters was allowed. Now, for international matches a length of between 100 and 110 meters is required in length and 64 and 75 in width. A difference of more than 70 meters from the initial idea.6- Assignments were allowedIt was not until 1992 when the transfer regulations were first introduced. Before, it was allowed, so constant losses of time were common using the favor of being able to catch the ball with the hand. A key game for the development of this rule was the one that faced Boca Juniors and Oriente Petrolero in the Libertadores. The tie favored both and eliminated River Plate. They used the goalkeeper as a resource to pass the time and sign the tables that satisfied the two rivals.7- Draw and ‘replay’It is a formula still used in England and other competitions. In Spain it is unthinkable. At least, repeat a table game up to three times, as happened in the Copa del Rey finals of the last century, such as two of which Barcelona won against Real Sociedad: 1913 and 1928. The problems were constant: agreement to set a new date, availability of the stadiums … Now, the extension and penalties are indisputable.last_img read more

Eibar train again two months after the break

first_imgEibar educated again Saturday two months after the league break as a consequence of coronavirus. The footballers of the Gipuzkoan First Division staff exercised individually at the sports activities amenities of Atxabalpe, in Mondragón, and beneath strict safety measures to keep away from contagions, following the sanitary protocol agreed by the skilled soccer golf equipment (LaLiga).Along with the gamers of the first Barça outfit, 5 of the subsidiary (CD Vitoria) participated, As a result of then they might intervene in a league competitors that was halted in mid-March by COVID-19.All of them, like the members of the technical and medical corps, and different folks concerned in the present or future sports activities preparation of Eibar, They handed a medical examination on Wednesday that included a check to detect the coronavirus. Solely those that give a adverse outcome can now be part of the work previous to the resumption of the league.The eibarrés membership determined that Atxabalpe will host the first preparatory periods for sports activities de-escalation, to be carried out in phases. Part 1 (earlier) was solely the medical evaluation, which permits reaching the Part 2 (individualized coaching). And is that originally skilled footballers can solely train individually and away from one another in part 2, which for Eibar started yesterday. Thus, as Atxabalpe has two pure grass soccer fields, it’s extra appropriate than Ipurúa, which solely has one (the annex is beneath development).Particular person and shift work in order to not get collectivelyThe session this Saturday befell with warmth and solar on a spring morning. It began at 10 a.m. and lasted till 1.30 p.m. Though the coaching in whole lasted three and a half hours, every participant spent half of that point exercising.In part 2 of the protocol, which incorporates solely particular person bodily workouts, Solely 6 athletes can train per soccer area at a time, in order that they’re distanced from one another and keep away from getting collectively. As Atxabalpe has two enjoying fields, 12 gamers can intervene at the similar time. That’s to say, it’s essential to work in shifts, as in the factories, and distributed between the two fields.Sergio Alvarez and Pedro León have been the first gamers to leap onto the pitch, They have been adopted by the remainder of the members of the squad individually each 10 minutes, as much as a most of 12 footballers in the amenities.The blaugrana gamers They’ve been confined at house for 7 weeks, every doing a bodily preparation job supervised remotely by the technicians. Thus, the return to work to organize for a contest must be gradual in order that muscle accidents don’t happen.After performing totally different bodily activation workouts on the grass of Atxabalpe on Saturday, every participant was in a position to get pleasure from the ball individually, which was a launch after a very long time with out feeling that sensation as a consequence of the confinement compelled by the epidemic.The campus will get pleasure from weekly relaxation Sunday, so he’ll return to coaching subsequent Monday, in per week wherein he’ll train day by day till Saturday. Strict prevention well being protocolThe return to skilled soccer exercise got here with strict safety measures, in line with the sanitary protocol to stop contagion. Thus, the footballers needed to transfer one after the other to Atxabalpe, in Mondragón, of their non-public automobile and already modified from house, in order to not enter the locker room. They should have had the masks on their faces (Sergi Enrich wore a azulgrana with the protect of the Eibarrés membership) and gloves, and produce your individual soccer boots.Each needed to arrive at a selected time, as in appointments to go to the physician, with the intention that they didn’t get along with different colleagues, whom they noticed from afar. Thus, the essential bodily distance was put into follow to keep away from the transmission of a extremely contagious illness.Earlier than getting into the sports activities amenities of Atxabalpe, there was a membership safety one that took the temperature of the footballers with a ‘pistol’ (an infrared thermometer) with out touching the athlete. If every little thing went effectively and there was no fever, the participant entered the sports activities complicated and went straight to coaching. If a fever is detected, like every other employee, he can’t go to work simply in case and has to go house to keep away from hypothetical infections.Inside Atxabalpe, the soccer gamers couldn’t have shut contact with the technicians both. On the eve of a coaching session, every participant receives the individualized coaching plan, which incorporates what time he ought to seem, the bodily work to be carried out, the space the place he can train, and the time interval wherein he has to do it.Coaches and bodily trainers can management the preparatory session, however from afar. Thus, the Barça coach, José Luis Mendilibar, adopted the coaching from a distance and with a masks; similar to the bodily coach, Toni Ruiz. The coaching is behind closed doorways, with out spectators, and journalists can’t attend.Once they end their process, the athletes have to go away with out showering at house and in the similar garments with which they’ve educated. Earlier than leaving the place, they gather a bag containing the clothes (T-shirt, pants, and stockings or socks, along with the masks and gloves) that they may use in the subsequent preparatory session. As soon as at house, the gamers must comply with the sanitary protocol, taking off the used clothes and placing it in a bag that they may take to the subsequent enterprise day to Atxabalpe, the place they must depart it in a bucket clearly recognized with the message: garments to disinfect. So, membership workers will maintain disinfecting it, probably in a washer with cleaning soap, disinfectant and sizzling water, at greater than 60 levels temperature, wherein a whole washing program shall be chosen. And it’s that from 60 levels it ends with viruses.Rafa Soares turned 25Rafa Soares, the Portuguese footballer of Eibar, turned 25 on Might 9, simply when the Gipuzkoan staff started their particular person coaching.On account of the coronavirus, the Catalan staff couldn’t have fun their birthday with the Portuguese as regular, in a gaggle and on the grass. His companions – those that agreed with him – may solely congratulate him at a distance.The left-back defender arrived on mortgage on January 31 from Vitoria de Guimaraes and till June 30, 2021 (one and a half seasons).last_img read more