Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Announces Inaugural Festival Event, ‘Flocktoberfest’

first_imgThis fall, up-and-coming jam band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will bring their inaugural Flocktoberfest to Martin’s Downtown in Roanoke, VA. The two-day event, taking place October 1st and 2nd, will feature two sets by the Pigeons, as well as performances by The Mantras, People’s Blues of Richmond, Elm, The Trongone Band, Lespecial and more.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is on the up and up after their acclaimed release Pleasure earlier this year. The band also has an extensive fall tour coming up, hitting venues across the country with jam scene innovators Dopapod. The full tour is presented by Live for Live Music, and you can find out more information about the pairing by heading here. Expect exciting content from each band on the road!You can find out more about Flocktoberfest from the event’s Facebook page, and see the full festival artwork below.last_img read more

Building a Culture of Openness: Industry Lessons From 20 Years of Open Source

first_imgAmong my fascinations with open source is its cultural evolution. Open source demonstrates how much can be accomplished when we genuinely work together. Given that 2017 is the 20th anniversary of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, this seems like an appropriate moment to appreciate some of the long-term effects – particularly in non-technical terms.Look at how much has been done! From the start, open source has been a home-grown effort. Projects self-organize. Nobody inflicts boundaries; the community makes up the rules as it goes along. Leaders step forward based on technical excellence or their ability to communicate. Individuals contribute code, documentation, test suites; they collaborate on standards and interoperability techniques.Even more impressively: Quite often everyone does this for idealistic reasons. Sometimes they are simple goals, such as, “We want software that works, and that we can rely on.” But even when individuals, organizations, and businesses contribute to an open source community for reasons of enlightened self interest, it helps other people. As Linus Torvalds commented some years ago, “Open source only really works if everybody is contributing for their own selfish reasons. Now, those selfish reasons by no means need to be about ‘financial reward,’ though.”An open community for features and functionalityOpen source has also encouraged experimentation with business models, and a willingness to fail as long as someone could learn from the experience.Once, if you had a bright idea for a new application you either had to create it yourself (a difficult prospect for anything beyond a simple shareware application) or to convince some kind of gatekeeper (perhaps a venture capitalist) to fund it. Open source suggested – successfully – that it was possible to create freely-available software that anyone could use, and the bills would be paid by support services, training, and other extras.And that was just for its first act.Back when the only enterprise software was proprietary, it would never occur to you to develop a product that didn’t have a full set of features. Everything had to be self-contained, because the application had to stand alone. Adding to the ecosystem in any way was an expensive proposition, whether it was a partner program, hardware drivers, or additional application templates.Instead, open source communities said, “You want that feature? Cool. Build it yourself, and integrate it with the application so others can use it, too.”As a result, in today’s marketplace, vendors build the basic functionality and open up the API to a development community. Users and would-be partners develop what they need, which can be anything they think is going to succeed.Developing with APIs has transformed this industry. We now take open communities for granted.For instance, reports BetaNews, Amazon has made it cheaper to build and host Alexa skills using Amazon Web Services (AWS). “Previously, developers have had at their disposal the AWS Free Tier, offering a million AWS Lambda requests and a total of 750 hours of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) – monthly, for free. However, exceeding these limits also meant monthly fees.”Contrast that Alexa adoption to Siri. Arguably, Siri has equal feature sophistication, but it’s not open. The result is Alexa getting more mindshare, not to mention useful capabilities.It’s created markets and industriesThe culture of open development has also enabled the invention of whole businesses that would otherwise be impossible.For example, drone technology has been available for a long time. But for decades, the cost of building and using drones was so high that they were only used by governments, usually in military contexts. But as the drone software opened up, the market took off. Drones made a complex technology consumable by the masses and by businesses.The same can be said for bioinformatics, where a culture of sharing may save lives. Think of people’s willingness to share their own DNA with companies like 23andMe, which use Big Data technologies to match ancestors and develop health trends. People are contributing their most proprietary information, the DNA record about their human likeness, to a community of individuals for the greater good.The openness is a hallmark of open source, and it’s a key part of cloud development. So is scalability, for both technologies and support systems. As the resources grow, so does the capability. That too has enabled business models that were not attainable otherwise, such as Snapchat and Uber.A culture of opennessIt isn’t as though these human desires to share information are something new in the world in the last 20 years. It’s among the nicest things we can say about ourselves that we humans have always been willing to share knowledge for community benefit. Certainly it’s reflected in the history of computing, such as techies sharing their designs at the Homebrew Computer Club (well documented in Fire in the Valley, should you want to know more).However, open source made sharing information a business practice, not just something individuals did on their own. An enterprise can ask an open source community to provide features and functions that wouldn’t exist otherwise – and then everyone benefits by the improvement.Oh no, not another learning experienceNot all these changes happened seamlessly or well. For example, we’ve seen open source develop the culture of valuing simplicity. Because processes are open and because everyone has an equal contribution, there’s no “boss” to turn to for an executive decision. There’s no point at which someone makes a call. When you have too many people, too much opinion slows things down. And since everybody’s voice is equal, progress on large projects can be slow and overly complex.But I like to think that we learn from experience, and that that too is a benefit of the open source culture. When we’re free to try new things, we discover what works. One of those discoveries is “how many people can create something.” For example, The Open SSL project is written by two guys (both named Steve, which does not appear to be a requirement for success). Open SSL is open for anyone to consume and share but the reality is it’s an oligarchy. Even though everyone in the community has a voice, we end up with a few people leading. Everybody gets a vote – but at some point someone’s voice has to be overruled.That’s quite a journey in 20 years. What do you think will be different in the next 20? Ultimately, I believe we will all have slightly different reactions to these ideas, so in the true spirit of Open Source, I encourage everybody to reach out to me in the comments section below, or hit me up on Twitter @quityourjoshing.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s to host ‘Battle of the Belles’ for current and accepted students

first_imgSaint Mary’s College will be celebrating the dedication of the new Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex on Saturday with the “Battle of the Belles,” a night of friendly competition between classes.The event will start at 7 p.m. at the Angela facility and will have many games for students to compete in, Student Activities Board president and senior Lily Freund said in an email.“‘Battle of the Belles’ is a battle between the classes all about class spirit and fun competition,” she said. “Each class can win points for winning games such as tug-o-war, dodgeball, giant twister, class cheer competition, balloon burst, a dance contest, Saint Mary’s trivia and more.”The Student Activities Board held a similar event in the past called “Midnight Madness,” Freund said, but this year, other campus organizations are involved.“This event is organized by many Saint Mary’s organizations including Student Involvement, Student Activities Board and Class Council,” Freund said. “By collaborating with other Saint Mary’s organizations we are able to make this event even bigger.”Student Affairs director Julie Schroeder-Biek said in an email she helped organize the event in the hopes of increasing student participation.“Between my fellow Student Affairs directors, Gloria Jenkins and Ariel Leary, we are organizing the games, recruiting fellow staff to assist and collecting a lot of great prizes for our students to win,” Schroeder-Biek said. “We want our students to participate in the fun, so staff members are running the event.”As part of the larger Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex dedication ceremony, the “Battle of the Belles” is one of several events to be held at the College this weekend. “Meet Me at the Avenue,” or accepted student day, will take place Sunday so visiting students are also able to participate, Schroeder-Biek said.“It works out beautifully that ’Meet Me at the Avenue’ is this weekend as well,” she said. “This presented the perfect opportunity to show our accepted students some Belle spirit, so our Admission Office invited them. We have had a great response: so far more than 90 accepted students have expressed interest in attending.”Freund said she is excited to include and welcome the accepted students with the excitement others will show through “Battle of the Belles,” and there are many ways for current students to participate and show school spirit.“You can participate by decorating for your class and showing spirit based on the assigned colors for each class,” Freund said. “Show your spirit for your class and participate in the games and events during the competition. There will be prizes throughout the event and the overall winning class will get a pizza party.”This event is centered around student participation, Schroeder-Biek said. There will be an opportunity for a class prize, many chances to win individual prizes and special drawings for each class and accepted students, she said.“We are depending on our current students to participate, show their class spirit and have fun,” Schroeder-Biek said. “We did not do any pre-registration for our current students. Come to Angela this Saturday around 6:45 p.m. to register with your class.”Tags: Angela Athletic and Wellness Facility, Angela dedication ceremony, Battle of the Belles, Julie Schroeder-Biek, Meet Me at the Avenuelast_img read more

Additional Casting Set for Six Degrees of Separation

first_img Six Degrees of Separation View Comments Star Files Related Shows Allison Janney & John Benjamin Hickey (Photos courtesy of Boneau/Bryan-Brown)center_img Show Closed This production ended its run on June 18, 2017 Broadway vets Lisa Emery (Casa Valentina), Michael Countryman (Wit) and Michael Siberry (The Sound of Music) are among the additional cast members announced for the forthcoming Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation, joining previously announced stars Allison Janney, John Benjamin Hickey and Corey Hawkins. The production, directed by Trip Cullman, will begin previews at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on April 5, with opening night set for April 25. The limited engagement will play for 15 weeks, through July 16.In addition to Emery, Countryman and Siberry, who will play Kitty, Larkin and Geoffrey, respectively, the cast includes Tony Carlin (Sylvia) as the Doorman, James Cusati-Moyer as the Hustler, Ned Eisenberg (Rocky) as Dr. Fine, Keenan Jolliff as Woody, Peter Mark Kendall as Rick, Cody Kastro as Doug, Sarah Mezzanotte as Elizabeth, Colby Minifie (Long Day’s Journey Into Night) as Tess, Paul O’Brien (On a Clear Day) as the Detective, Chris Perfetti (Everybody) as Trent and Ned Riseley as Ben.The design team includes Mark Wendland (sets), Clint Ramos (costumes), Ben Stanton (lighting), Darron L. West (sound), Lucy Mackinnon (projections) and Charles LaPointe (wigs).Inspired by a true story, Six Degrees of Separation centers on Ouisa and Flan Kittredge (Janney and Hickey), a wealthy New York couple who take in Paul (Hawkins), a young man who cons them into believing he’s a friend of their son at Harvard and the son of Sidney Poitier. After they discover his lies, Ouisa and Flan piece together his true identity and their connection to Paul, as well as the similar encounters their upper class friends have had with the young con man.Guare’s drama-comedy premiered off-Broadway in 1990 and transferred to the Great White Way later that year. Stockard Channing, who received a Tony nomination for her performance as Ouisa, reprised her role for the film adaptation, earning an Oscar nod. James Cusati-Moyerlast_img read more

September Issue of BRO Out Now!

first_imgThe September issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors is live!We are proud to announce the release of another stellar issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine. As the sun begins to set on the summer season in the Blue Ridge, we are looking forward to all that fall has to offer, mainly getting back in the saddle for the fall biking season! Following up on last month’s exceptional feature on the winners of our Best Adventure School reader poll, Travel Editor Jess Daddio put together another great story on mountain biking to waterfalls, the perfect activity for late summer. She traveled to North Carolina’s DuPont State Forest, which is both an up-and-coming mountain biking travel destination, and also the “Land of Waterfalls.” Along with mapping out loop rides for every riding ability, she also lists more great waterfall rides near you.Continuing the mountain biking theme, we also have a feature from Graham Averill on Boone, North Carolina’s emergence as a biking mecca thanks to newly completed trail systems, specifically the Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park. Graham also writes on the politics and process of creating the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument out of a large swath of Monongahela National Forest, which could build on West Virginia’s already strong reputation as a singletrack state. Two more stories explore the impact bikes can have on a community, including the legacy projects Richmond, Va. is planning in conjunction with their hosting the 2015 ICU Road World Championships, and how one Blue Ridge based charity is changing lives halfway around the world by shipping bikes to impoverished peoples overseas. Rounding out our biking coverage is the story of Gen Shimizu, who rode the entire 2,754-mile length of the Great Divide Route…on a unicycle, a hilarious essay of how four dudes attempt to escalate their weekly ride, and end up going a little too big, and an essay on ditching the gears and going singlespeed in the mountains. You also have a chance to win a new Trek bike and a biking getaway to Abingdon, Va. – home of the Virginia Creeper Trail – in our Virginia is for Bike Lovers Giveaway.Our fly fishing coverage includes a James River smallmouth fishing trip that goes horribly wrong, and a look at the best fly fishing gear for the fall season. You can also win a Guided Fly Fishing package to Asheville, N.C. including fishing, lodging, brewery tours, and more from Hunter Banks Fly Shop in our Hunter Banks Fly Fishing Weekend Getaway Giveaway.We also take a look at the impact and politics of drilling and fracking for natural resources in our national forests, specifically the threat to George Washington National Forest and others in the Southeast, and fitness revolution based on the natural movements of the body.And don’t forget our big debate on public nudity: Bare Me or Spare Me?We hope you enjoy this issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors and feel free to send us a note about what you liked and didn’t like. We aim to please our readers and your input will help us shape Blue Ridge Outdoors in the future. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!FeaturesWheels and Waterfalls: Mountain Biking DuPontWet Lines: Fly Fishing for Smallmouth BassNational Forests for SaleBirthplace of Rivers: West Virginia’s First National Monument?EssaysSinglespeed: Ditch the Gears, Gain the MountainsBigger: Four Dudes Escalate the Weekly RidePublic Nudity: Bare Me or Spare Me?DepartmentsFunctional Movement: Back to Basics2,754 Miles. 89 Days. One Wheel.Bikes for the WorldThe Goods: Fall Fly Fishing Gear Bringing Bikes to Boone, N.C.Legacy on Wheels: Richmond 2015Trail Mix: Bronze Radio Returnlast_img read more

Riverhead Home Invasion Under Investigation

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Police are investigating an armed home invasion in Riverhead on Wednesday afternoon.A 40-year-old man was walking to his car parked outside of his Maplewood Lane home with a 38-year-old Bay Shore woman when two masked men flashed a handgun and ordered the victims back inside the house at 3:27 p.m., Riverhead Town Police said.The assailants stole a bag of cash from a bedroom closet and another bag of cash from the vehicle before they fled the scene, police said.Officers responded to the house after receiving a 911 call in which the caller hung up without saying anything and upon arrival, the victims were uncooperative, police said.Investigators searched the area for the suspects but did not find them.last_img read more

8 ways to quickly build up your savings account in 2016

first_img 26SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr You ever get to feeling that you’ve got your finances totally figured out? Bills paid, shopping done, and money in the bank? That is, until you look at your savings account. I know it can be hard to save up when spending is so tempting, but saving is definitely a must. A healthy savings account is great for when life throws you a curveball — and even better for when life flips your finances on their head.But it can be difficult to get motivated to save, or find the extra money to save, when you’ve got other expenses. Here are just a handful of my favorite ways (some obvious, some not so obvious) to quickly build up your savings account.CUT CABLECable costs are ridiculously expensive these days and, despite massive competition from on-demand streaming, don’t seem to be getting any lower. Cutting your cable and opting for a subscription service is a great way to save money each month. Then take those savings and automatically direct them into your savings account for a $50-$70 monthly savings boost. continue reading »last_img read more

Temporary social distance shopping in our area

first_imgReardon said customers are required to wear masks in the store, and wanted the goal of the shopping experience to be all about speed. TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) — Ginny’s Unique Boutique was briefly back in business this Friday and Saturday, promoting social distancing shopping. “We just want to do something really nice for the community because people are getting a little depressed being home, and we understand we have to, but this kind of brightened everyone’s mood yesterday and today.” That design time helped create the store’s social distancing environment, allowing customers to shop but in a safe and healthy manner. Store co-owner Shannon Reardon said the business could have been open the entire time during the coronavirus pandemic, but decided taking some time off would be better. The temporary opening came with key changes, such as limited store hours, sections of the shop closed off, the spacing out of merchandise, and limiting the number of customers in the store to 10 at a time.center_img Having customers back in her store for the first time since March 16, Reardon was happy to shine a little light during the darkness. “Grab and go is the theme. No hanging around and chatting, grab your things and go,” she emphasized. “We just chose not to because we wanted to do things right,” Reardon said. “Clean the store really well, get it spaced out. We needed that time off to actually design the store.” Reardon told 12 News she is hopeful for a full re-opening of Ginny’s by June 1.last_img read more

Warnock vs. Loeffler race to cost several million dollars

first_img– Advertisement – The parties are expected to spend even more if the other Georgia Senate election, between GOP Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff, also heads to a January runoff. NBC has not made a call in this race.Each race has been expensive so far. The Warnock and Loeffler campaigns have combined to spend nearly $40 million, according to data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Perdue and Ossoff have spent nearly $45 million. Combined, House and Senate across the country are expected to finish spending a total of $7 billion by the end of the 2020 election cycle.The Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will be leading the way in outside spending for the GOP in those races, according to the GOP strategist.- Advertisement – A Democratic fundraiser agreed that both sides are gearing up to drop loads of cash on Georgia over the next couple months.“Both Georgia races are going to runoffs. There will be more money spent on both sides than in any Senate races in history,” according to Charles Myers, the former vice chairman of Evercore and a Democratic bundler. Myers said that, if he was asked, he would start raising money for Warnock and possibly Ossoff if it’s needed.Other Democratic donors, including longtime party financier Bernard Schwartz, told CNBC that they are preparing to, or already are, raising money for Warnock and are just waiting for Ossoff to initiate their networks.- Advertisement – Control of the Senate could be at stake if both races go to a runoff.Still, some party bundlers told CNBC they’re already preparing to tell Democratic leaders they don’t believe the races in Georgia are a worthwhile investment as they aren’t convinced the candidates will win.Georgia historically has been held by Republicans. Yet there have been signs in recent years that the state has shifted somewhat toward Democrats. As of Thursday afternoon, the race for the state’s 16 Electoral College votes in the presidential race was too close to call, according to NBC.Warnock, according to people briefed on the matter, has started reaching out to some of his top donors to start raising for what’s likely going to be a grueling fight.People who declined to be named in this story did so in order to speak freely.Warnock himself warned his supporters in an ad on Twitter that “the negative ads are coming.” The ad features a link to his ActBlue page, where he encourages small dollar contributions.The Senate Leadership Fund has already spent $43 million taking on Ossoff and just over $770,000 targeting Rep. Doug Collins, a Republican who was running against Loeffler, Warnock and others in the special election, according to data from CRP.Their Democratic rivals in the Senate Majority PAC are gearing to engage in both races. They spent over $30 million against Perdue, CRP says.“We are committed to helping both Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win these seats in January,” Rachel Irwin, a spokeswoman for the super PAC, told CNBC. “The Georgia Republican ticket is made up of a pair of corrupt, out-of-touch politicians who profited off of the pandemic and will stop at nothing to take away Georgians’ health care.”The Lincoln Project, according to people familiar with the matter, will target Loeffler and could get involved in the other Georgia Senate race if that goes to a runoff.Way to Lead PAC, a hybrid PAC helping candidates up and down ballot, plans to give $100,000 to the New South super PAC. That committee is also supporting Warnock with digital ads and other forms of voter outreach. The committee has also been involved with the other Georgia Senate race and the presidential election there between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.New South’s budget for its 2020 program was over $2 million.Democratic super PAC American Bridge already put out an ad against Perdue in the expectation his race will go to a runoff. The spot claims Perdue profited after gaining insight from his Senate briefings on the coronavirus pandemic. Loeffler and her husband, Intercontinental Exchange CEO Jeff Sprecher, liquidated their individual stock positions and related options after being criticized for selling millions of dollars in stock amid the coronavirus pandemic.Loeffler and Perdue have denied wrongdoing.A spokesman for the PAC told CNBC they too are going to be pushing ahead into these races. The committee specializes in opposition research.“Over the next two months, American Bridge 21st Century will continue to do what we do best: digging into Loeffler and Perdue’s shady records and holding them accountable to Georgia voters, just as we have for the last year. They should buckle up,” Zach Hudosn, the groups spokesman, said.Both Democratic and Republican campaign committees appear to be bracing for both races to head to January runoffs.The National Republican Senatorial Committee has prepared a variety of voter contact tools for each race, including TV and digital ads, along with having surrogates ready for media appearances.“David Perdue won this race in regular time and will do the same in overtime,” NRSC Executive Director Kevin McClaughlin said in a statement.“Georgia is clearly now a purple battleground state, and Senator Perdue is a weak, scandal-plagued incumbent who can’t defend his record of outsourcing and corruption,” said Scott Fairchild, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “We’re ready to help Jon flip this Senate seat.” The coming Georgia Senate runoff between GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock is shaping up to cost tens of millions of dollars.Republicans are expected to shell out at least $100 million, according to a GOP strategist familiar with the plans. This person also noted that Democrats are expected to spend a similar amount. NBC News projected that Loeffler and Warnock are headed to a runoff after they placed in the top two of several candidates running for the seat.- Advertisement –last_img read more