Left Wing Parties Call for Mass March July 20 in Al

Rabat – Activists from a coalition of progressive and leftist political groups are calling for a marchin Al Hoceima on July 20 to support the Hirak movement.The Democratic Left Federation, Annahj Addimoqrati [The Democratic Way], and the Moroccan Association for Human Rights have insisted upon mass participation in the July 20 march in Al Hoceima to plead for the eight-month ongoing movement in Rif.Annahj Addimoqrati issued a communiqué explaining that Hirak Rif represents a second wave of the February 20 movement, fighting for the rights of all people. “The members and sympathizers and all the freedom fighters in our country to participate in this national march vigorously and enthusiastically and to organize convoys from various regions towards the city of Al Hoceima,” said the communiqué.The executive committee of the Democratic Left Federation called on its supporters, activists, sympathizers, and all citizens and democratic forces to participate heavily in nationwide march to be organized in Al Hoceima.The Moroccan Association for Human Rights called on “all branches of the association, all its fighters and activists, all democracies, democrats, and all citizens to be strongly involved in the solidarity convoys and the national march on July 20.Government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said during a press conference on July 17 that “The 20 July march in Al Hoceima will be dealt with as stipulated by the law.”Meanwhile, the Al Hoceima province announced in a statement to the Maghreb Arab Press on Monday that it will not allow the July 20 march to take place in Al Hoceima.The authority of Al Hoceima said that it has taken all necessary measures to ensure the implementation of this decision, adding that the Public Prosecution has been informed of all the rationales and aspects related to this matter.Al-Hoceima authorities justified the ban, saying that “this demonstration was carried out without respect for the legal procedures in force, as the local administrative authority was not informed about the march, as stipulated in the provisions of Dahir No. 377. 58. 1 on public assemblies.”The communiqué also states that those who called for the march “are not authorized to regulate them.” read more