Alcohol stolen from Hugh’s charity event

first_imgEight bottles of cava were stolen from a St Hugh’s charity event last Friday.The bottles, which were meant to be used for the champagne reception of their RAG ball, had been stored in the JCR committee room, which was left unlocked.Charities and Communities rep, Amy Ertan, who organised the event, told Cherwell, “It is very unfortunate that our champagne was stolen, and we hope to recover the lost cava soon. However it should not be forgotten that in spite of this, the Casino Royale Ball was a roaring success and this should not detract from that.”One St Hugh’s student, Rebecca Davies, told Cherwell, “I think that the whole committee was shocked by what happened, because the bottles were taken from the JCR committee room, where nobody would really expect for them to be stored.”Another student agreed, stating, “I think this is pretty low, especially considering that the bottles which were stolen were meant to be for a champagne reception for the St Hugh’s RAG ball, so whoever stole them were effectively stealing from a charitable cause.”In other news, St Hugh’s has enforced a blanket ban on students bringing their own bottle to formal, following an incident last Tuesday where an unnamed individual vomited in hall. The college has offered to supply wine at a price of around £8, and a cheaper option between £6.50 and £7.A statement from the St Hugh’s JCR committee said, “I would like to point out that this is not an ideal situation, and the response to this problem is not one that I, or the rest of the JCR committee, agree with. We are hoping that this change of policy can be reviewed in the near future, and we can come to a more agreeable solution for all, but for now this is the only option.”A number of St Hugh’s students have expressed their discontent at the new measures. One third year commented, “I don’t feel its entirely fair. College authorities seem to have taken this action in response to one incident of vomit following formal this term, and one other in Trinity. These are isolated incidents, in my opinion.”Another St Hugh’s undergraduate said, “I think this goes against a tradition at St Hugh’s of being laid back and informal. We don’t wear gowns to formal, and we can walk on the grass in the gardens, I don’t see why we should scrap BYOB if the vast majority of people play by the rules.”last_img read more