Readers respond after special election

first_imgI think that there is no choice now that the Unions, people and Special Interests have spoken. For one thing, I think that the triple auto registration fee will need to be reinstated in order to fix Californias huge money problem. Did Californians forget that Arnold nixed that one? Taxes will have to be increased also to meet our Legistrators spending needs. It will hurt us all (not me..I’m leaving California) but the money has to come from somewhere. I was shocked when I saw yesterdays Daily News headlines: Arnold Losing Big!! I think that it should have read: Californians Lose Big!! Mary Thompson Sylmar, CA — First of all, the five examples you used on the front page say everything about your paper – 3 Democrats, 1 Libertarian, and an Independent! Way to go. I thought I was reading your Opinions section, where at least once a day I am reminded that my President lied about WMD’s and everything else! I look at California as a Ship of Fools heading into the darkness of the abyss. The teachers want! The firemen want! The county and city workers want! Everybody wants, and the democrats promise that they will deliver! The democrats are in power and the people want it that way. That’s the way it is! Tax Tax Tax and Tax some more. Just what the people want! Um Um! Timothy Imel — State politicians will repay the special interests first; serving their constituents is never high on their agenda. Perhaps it’s time to switch to a single party system. William D. Fogle Mission Hills, CA — The politicians will repay the powerful unions, if they want to be re-elected. People are to easily fooled by propoganda. They don’t take the time to learn about the issues, thus they rely on ridiculous TV commercials to make their decisions. Jason Batanides — I am extremely discouraged by the results of the special election because we elected the governor so as to do away with what has been the status quo for too many years. Now, the middle class in California is truly in trouble. It was always disheartening that the Democrats controlled the senate and the house of our state government and had no intention of dealing properly with the budget issues, behaving as though there were “no bottom to the barrel.” It was discouraging to see the special interests fight the initiatives with so many lies and scare tactics. It was discouraging that not enough was planned by the governor to counter these attacks. BUT MOST DISCOURAGING OF ALL WAS THE LACK OF IN-DEPTH STUDY BY THE VOTERS! Truly, we are experiencing the DUMBING DOWN of California. People only “feel” and no longer can “think.” What scares me so much is that the middle class, who works SO HARD and pays SO MUCH, is going to suffer even more. How much more can the middle class take? I am deeply concerned about small businesses, people who are self-employed, and people who want to do the right thing by their children and be good moms and dads. This California economy does NOT provide any resources for people who work hard and take pride in their hard work. My experience of late: taking my elderly parents to Social Security and local state aid offices and seeing that the non-citizens receive the BEST of attention and care, yet citizens are ignored. I see that we pay, and we pay, and we pay, and we get NOTHING now. The harder we work, the faster the politicians want to give our money away. We can’t even enjoy our ROADS! It’s scary. My daughter and son-in-law bought a condo for themselves and their son and a newborn-to-be; and will they be able to stay in it? I doubt it! Their costs, the taxes — it’s all too much. They don’t belong to any special interest group, so they struggle for insurance. She has to pay $400 a month to the ob/gyn for what will be the c-section she will need in April. He works TWO jobs; she does work at a church and had to quit her other part-time job because of bleeding. We, my husband and I, are 61 and 57; we both are self employed. We have TERRIBLE insurance. We go to the doctor once a year and I have YET to have my tests done such as a colonoscopy and a mammogram because I must pay so much, even with my insurance. It is a SICK situation here in California, and more and more people are looking to “get out while we can.” How sad… We know that the middle class will carry the burden of the results of the election; we always do. We know that the majority of our politicians have not been there for us, so why should we hope for this so-called “compromise?” It was time to play hardball, and Californians showed they are true wimps. How the majority of the people were able to be duped by the union strongholds is beyond me; but, that’s the case and I cringe for our future. It is not a bright future that I see, and you have to know that I am always an optimist. So this is not a good response. The state politicians will be energized by the governor’s loss, and we will ALL lose somewhere down the line, but people are too stupid to know it sooner! More than ever it is clear that when we put Arnold in, we needed to have REMOVED the majority of the Democrats who have brought California to its lowest point. Thank you for providing this outlet. Ginny Murray, Simi Valley — In our Governor’s eagerness to make the needed changes, he brought these props up during a special election with a low voter turnout. If he had been patient and waited until the General election, I am convinced that they would have passed! People are blaming Schwarzenegger for not making the needed changes? The last time, I checked, laws were made by the Legislature and approved or vetoed by the Governor? Put the blame where it belongs, with our Democrat controlled Legislature! You want changes, throw them out during the next election! But, we needed the Prop to change the way districts are created, to do that? William Conroy Northridge PS: If I were Governor, I would announce today, that the same props would be on the ballot in the next general Election. Blackmail the Democrats that they better play ball with you in the mean time, to make the needed changes? — Each time I get ready to cancel the Daily News, you write a sensible, awesome front page…analysis? The election was simply SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Frigged Up. I think, that after a bit of reflection, California voters will discover a bullet hole in their collective feet. Next comes a general tax increase, followed by tighter regulation of business, and more nonsensical legislation. This will be followed by ” ABC”. Move Anywhere But California. “Us or Them” is beautiful. George Carter West Hills — Interesting to note that the 5 people you showed making comments on the defeat of the eight ballot propositions were all either Democrats or so-called Independents.Guess no Republicans could be found. As for the negative vote on the propositions, it is the end result of too many people either working for the government or benefiting from government hand-outs. Bottom line, it speaks volumes about why government employees should never have been allowed to unionize in the first place. If they don’t want to work in government positions, let them find jobs in the public sector. And finally, good luck to the property owners in LA county who will see a 70% rise in real estate taxes to pay for school bonds to educate illegal immigrants. Thomas Jebb Camarillo — California voters have just empowered the free spending liberal Democrats to continue to sink this once great state further into financial oblivion. How can so many otherwise intelligent people be so ignorant? We “hired” Arnold to do a job, yet voters won’t give him the tools to get it done. Pathetic. Bill Hamburg Woodland Hills — We did not speak with one voice–I voted for the measures. What spoke loud and clear is the big money interests that have had a stranglehold on this state for years. They continue to fool those who are stuck on stupid. Pam Sorenson — I’ll answer your last question first. The state’s politicians will never serve their constituents. They only care about our money getting into their hands and where they want to blow it and their own agendas. The legislature, in this state, is going to run it into the ground. Any family or business runs the risk of going BK, when they spend beyond their means, the only difference is that the state thinks we are a money tree, with no end to their wants. I work in the private sector and do not have a “sweet” pension awaiting me. I for one will not stick around to suffer this demise. As fast as I can, I’m leaving the state. It’s very sad that our governor’s business sense was twisted and the majority of voters let commercials and unions do their thinking for them. They deserve what they get. There will be no control now because the people gave the legislature free reign!!!!! It was interesting that your VOTERS did not include any Republicans. Was that just an oversight or unbiased reporting? Chris Hale Santa Clarita — The voters elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor to clean things up. In the Tuesday election they told him to forget it. The Tax & Spenders and the Special Interests won. California lost. As for Governor Schwarzenegger engaging in bipartisanship, how do you get that when the other side doesn’t want to play? Their idea of bipartisanship is to have everyone cave in to what they want. Robert S. Kennedy, Jr. Camarillo — Absolutely, our State politicians (namely Socialist Democrats) will repay the UNION SPECIAL INTERESTS in spades. Now that the Unions have won everything with deceit and lies they will push for more and more mandatory socialists policies and push more spending and increased taxes. I am very dissappointed in the voters in not reading about the issues and only believing the $220,000,000. deceiving TV Ads. California is in for a very rough economic ride with the possibility of bankruptcy – like San Diego, New York City a few years ago. Businesses will continue to leave California together with good jobs. This election was a tragedy for California. The voters do not realize our governor can not help California without the necessary tools to do so (which the voters denied in this election) We have a great Governor who deserves our support. Loretta Hanson Calabasas — Obviously all the people bashing Arnold have forgotten what it was like 2 years ago. If good ole Gray Davis was still in charge, we’d be in an even bigger mess. Remember tripling the DMV fees and illegals carrying valid drivers licenses? Arnold is trying his best, but it’s an uphill battle with the all-mighty unions and special interest groups holding the reins. He gave Californians a shot to help change the status quo via propositions in the special election. But instead of taking the time to understand and think about their possible positive impact, voters believed all the negative attention. So just for spite, they voted NO on everything-period. All that did was really waste that money! If they would have stopped and thought about how much money these various proposals would have saved, it would have more than made up for the election pricetag. People were too stuck in the bashing mindset. Gee thanks, now California is moving even father backward. To quote Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does.” Kathleen Finn Moorpark — I knew the Governor’s measures wouldn’t pass. There’s no way the liberals and organized labor would allow these measures to pass. The general electorate isn’t educated enough on the workings of the state Legislature. They don’t care if the Legislature spends more money than it has. They don’t care that politicians serve the special interests of a few instead of the general interests of many. Joe Allegretti AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more