TechSoup goes worldwide with TechSoup.Global

first_imgNon-profit organisations in Africa also have the opportunity to benefit from this new development aimed at boosting their visibility and helping them to raise the funds needed to ensure their sustainability. (Image: TechSoup)Its services would be available to non-profit organisations around the world through the launch of TechSoup.Global, non-profit technology solutions organisation TechSoup announced on 18 November.Social change organisations across the African continent can now make use of TechSoup’s online donations platform to help raise funds and so continue to make a positive change in their communities.TechSoup has become the world’s first fully global technology donation platform aimed at non-profit organisations (NPOs), according to the group’s website. Its services already benefit more than 500 000 non-profit organisations around the world; the organisation plans to increase this number by extending its reach and influence.“The launch of TechSoup.Global is a pivotal step in helping the world’s estimated 10 million non-profit organisations gain visibility and connect with support critically needed for their missions and communities,” says Rebecca Masisak, chief executive officer of TechSoup.“The platform, operated in partnership with the TechSoup Global Network, enables a unique capacity for innovation and the co-design of locally relevant, globally scaled programmes that strengthen impact on the ground.”SUPPORTING AFRICA’S NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONSNon-profit organisations in Africa also have the opportunity to benefit from this new development aimed at boosting their visibility and helping them to raise the funds needed to ensure their sustainability.“From covering only four countries, we are now in a position to provide technology products and solutions to NPOs in 54 countries across the continent,” says David Barnard, the vice-president for Africa at TechSoup. “It is a game-changer for NPOs in Africa, and provides us with a very unique opportunity to strengthen their technology capacity and infrastructure in an affordable and informed manner.”TechSoup has gone to great lengths to ensure that each of the organisations making use of its services fall under the NPO category in each of their respective countries. This measure is to make sure no other companies other than NPOs benefit from its services.The organisation also offers NPOs access to relevant educational resources to help meet their operational requirements. These resources include web-seminars and peer-to-peer events where NPOs can learn from and teach each other best practices.Non-profit organisations are urged to make use of these services and continue the work they do to develop their communities and the world as a whole.last_img read more

5 Takeaways from Andrew Kramer’s AE World Keynote

first_imgVideoCopilot’s Andrew Kramer recently took to the stage at the After Effects World Conference to share his advice for building a creative career.The rise of Andrew Kramer of is an inspiring tale – from helpful internet tutorial creator, to After Effects trainer and bespoke plugins producer, to feature film visual effects specialist. Andrew was invited to present this year’s keynote address at the After Effects World Conference and he delivered a hilarious and informative talk breaking down his insights on how to build a career as a creative artist. The keynote was focused on motion graphic and visual effects creative work, but the lessons apply to many other creative spheres.1. Define prioritiesAndrew made a really great point at the start of his talk, which was that we need to be aware of, and focus on the things that we want to prioritize in life. In the busyness of life our real priorities can slip away and the hindsight revelation for Andrew was that he was focusing on his work more than his family. Many of us we want to be successful at any cost, but if we don’t take the time to figure out what really matters in life we could lose it along the way.2. Cut out the junkA lot of Andrew’s talk has the same point being reinforced in several ways. If you want to get anything good done you’re going to have to cut out the distractions, games and time wasting.3. Learn by doingWith so much knowledge freely available online we can often mistake watching a tutorial for acquiring new experience. Only through trying, making mistakes and solving problems for yourself will you truly acquire experience, knowledge and new abilities. As Andrew kept saying – just get out there and make something.4. Take risks to stand outAndrew’s suggestion would be to spend the time and creative energy to make 25 seconds of really good original content, than to try to recreate a generic showreel demonstrating your core abilities of all the usual things. He pointed to Peter Quinn’s spoof motion graphics showreel as a good example of something clever and a little risky that get’s people’s attention.5. Who knows where you could end up!Be passionate and committed to what you love and you could end up working for JJ Abrams, running a thriving business and growing a family too.last_img read more