Fire destroys West La Penitence home

first_imgA family of three is now uncertain of their next move after a fire suspected to be arson completely destroying their one-storey, West La Penitence house.The fire reportedly started at the Lot 35 West La Penitence, Georgetown house between 14:00h and 15:00h on Thursday, while no one was at home.The 21-year-old owner of the property, Shelton Jordan told Guyana Times that he shared the home with his girlfriend and their only child.The distraught man revealed that he was spending sometime at a house in Providence, East Bank Demerara when he received the news that his house was on fire. Jordan explained that soon after receiving the news, he rushed to the scene but by the time he arrived, the house was completely gutted.Relatives assisting of cleaning up of debrisAccording to Jordan, investigations carried out showed that the fire could not have started as a result of an electrical connection. “When I came, the place was red red. Them saying is the wire but is nah no wire. Like them break the glass and it have a big chair right in front here whatever they throw in go in the chair and that is where the fire start,” he stated.He further stated that his suspicions are as a result of the fact that the surrounding houses were unaffected by the blaze.“I living here all the time, go away, come back and I never see any fire, had no electrical issues, how just suh fire start all of a sudden, watch how much house deh close to this one, how come this one alone burn” Jordan questioned.However, Jordan’s grandmother who lives close to the gutted house, relayed that she was alerted of the fire when she attempted to use the outhouse. According to the woman, she opened her backdoor and was startled by an intense heat.“I felt the heat and I ran in the washroom, then I saw the fire so I quickly woke up my other son who was upstairs,” she explained.The woman then proceeded to alert her neighbours who quickly formed a bucket brigade to assist in extinguishing the fire. She noted that the Fire Service was summoned and within a few, she related that fire fighters came and extinguished the flames. The house, she recalled, was already destroyed.She further revealed that her family has been occupying the said house for many years and no such incident has ever occurred. An investigation has been launched to ascertain the cause of the blaze. (Kizzy Coleman)last_img read more