Liberia Makes More Gains in Ebola Fight

first_imgThe leader of the Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), Rev. Kennedy Sandy, says that Liberia has made more gains in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus and must continue.Making the statement over the weekend in the Air Field Community, the LTP leader emphasized that the war against the virus was not over and called on Liberians to ensure that the country is free of the epidemic as the spread of the virus could return.Rev. Sandy observed that, “In the midst of the national health crisis, political tensions had grown very high and continue to rise to exacerbate the health crisis. (While) exercising our political franchise and constitutional rights, we must continue to observe the preventive measures of the virus.”In the process of electing the 15 lawmakers in the ensuing election, he believes it is important  for every Liberian to act in the confines of the law.He explained that the special senatorial election is necessary for the smooth running of Liberia but must not create any condition that would lead to further spread of the epidemic.“It is also constitutionally mandated that the election is held in a free, fair, transparent and credible as well as a peaceful and democratic atmosphere. This will reflect the authentic views and choices of the people of Liberia and a clear representation of each county,” said the LTP leader.He admonished that the efforts and support of the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations, the United States, China, European Union and the Centers for Disease Control as well as other experts around the world, who have risked lives by joining Liberia and contributing immensely to the fight against the Ebola virus must not be wasted.The LTP leader warned the general public against engaging in any act that would undermine the fight against the epidemic, adding that Liberia has gone far in the fight and must continue until it is completed.He urged that the political parties, the election, the Government of Liberia and all senatorial candidates must be responsible to make sure that this election is fully participatory, inclusive, transparent, impartial and free.“As we elect our 15 senators, let us not do any thing that would place the life of our people in danger or put the citizens at risk. Liberia faces constitutional challenges today as we go into this election. The people own the country and have the right to change whatsoever they want to change,” he stressed adding that while Liberia goes through political recuperation, Liberians should show political maturity.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Need more disclosure

first_imgCanyon Country Driving them away Re “Officials soft-pedal cop threat” (March 3): Who suggested or ordered this asinine proposal? The gang problem is the largest criminal problem in Los Angeles. The officers who work the anti-gang units are our first line of defense. Why would anyone take a job for which they had to agree to have their personal finances disclosed? They say that the disclosures wouldn’t be made public. Did you ever hear “undisclosed sources say”? If we are going to disclose personal finances, let’s start with the judge who ordered it, then with all politicians, political appointees and attorneys who handle criminal cases. I’ll bet you that we would find more fraud and criminal activity than we would ever find in an anti-gang unit. Los Angeles needs more police. This is a good reason for a candidate to go someplace else. – Hank Petroski Granada Hills Mayor placing blame Re “Mayor urges more accountability for school district” (Feb. 2): Let me get this straight. The mayor is claiming the incident involving the teenage tagger, who got caught, illustrates the need for greater accountability by the Los Angeles Unified School District. I suppose if the district supplied the spray paint or if the teenager lived at the school, then the district would be responsible. But this young man has parents or a parent who must have supplied him with the means to purchase spray paint. When is the mayor going to stop blaming the school and recognize that the behavior of students is the responsibility of the parents? The mayor needs to concentrate on the job he was elected to do – govern the city of Los Angeles – and stop trying to manage the LAUSD. – Harriet C. Kenion Lake View Terrace Doesn’t bother them? Please, tell me that the photograph of Baghdad we see on Sunday’s edition, Page 14, is a staged set for a movie being shot in that city. If it is for real, then that photo is the most depressing example of the failure of the Cheney-Bush administration. How can these two people sleep? – Dante F. Rochetti West Hills The mentor mayor Re “Mayor urges more accountability for school district” (Feb. 2): So Mayor “Villarai-pose-a” is going to mentor “Zero,” the bus tagger. It seems that he doesn’t need all that much mentoring from the mayor. He already knows how to get publicity and have his photograph in the newspapers and on television. All he really needs now is a pearly-white set of capped teeth and custom-tailored hooded sweat shirts. – Marshall Barth Encino It’s a start Re “Levine wants to put teeth in pet population control” (March 2): Assemblyman Lloyd Levine’s proposition that would require owners of dogs and cats who are not breeders to have their pets spayed or neutered may not be a perfect piece of legislation, but it’s sure a good start. Even aside from decreasing the nuisance effects of stray animals, it would markedly reduce their suffering and risks of euthanasia at shelters which have sadly failed to become no-kill zones. One look at our planet instantly reveals the negative effects of the wanton overpopulation of Earth’s most dangerous species, Homo sapiens. Let’s at least do what we can to benefit the species that have befriended us, and make the world a better place for all of us. – Steven Sapkin, M.D. Woodland Hills Dog and cat `business’ Re “Levine wants to put teeth in pet population control” (March 2): While I can appreciate Assemblyman Lloyd Levine’s efforts to control the pet population in Los Angeles by trying to neuter all cats and dogs, this is hardly going to stop them from doing their “business” in sandboxes and gardens. Cats are cats, and they will go where they want to go. At least they cover up their business, unlike dogs that just do it and go on their way. – Theresa Gassler Northridge Seriously, folks Re “Tornadoes turn deadly in Alabama” (March 2): Was that actually Friday’s headline? Well, how are tornados normally? Benign? Life-giving? Do they volunteer for after-school programs or conduct community outreach? Such bad grammar in a headline hardly makes me want to take you seriously. – Peter O’Neill Hollywood A better park Re “All in a day’s work” (March 2): I am reluctant to write a comment that, to some, may sound like I am detracting from the very laudable effort of Richard Sperber and ValleyCrest Companies to create, in one day, a playground where wasteland existed. My intent, however, is to improve upon that worthy effort. These days, planting large swathes of grass for children to play on does not recognize the large amounts of water (and other resources) it takes to maintain them are added burdens to our dwindling water supplies. I’ve heard that 60 percent of municipal water goes for lawns – more than that in the hot interior. And allowing eager children to play on just-planted sod, I believe, is a recipe for killing what one has just planted. Rather than grass, a material like decomposed granite can be used for playing surfaces. I urge future benefactors to consider this more sustainable approach to playgrounds. – Alan Pollack Wildlife habitat steward Woodland Hills `To their own fate’ Re “Dems get behind Berman’s Iraq bill” (March 2): Rep. Howard Berman supposedly has the answer to the problems in Iraq. Here’s my question: Where was Berman’s legislation during the genocide in Rwanda and now Darfur? Or was that also a policy of leaving people “to their own fate,” as Berman said about the Shiites and the Sunnis? And should we stop our financial support of Israel if the Israelis don’t account for more progress when it comes to peace in that area of the Middle East? Just asking. – R.J. Johnson North Hollywood Follow the profit There has been a recent spate of TV ads trying to build public opinion against any move by Congress to amend the Medicare Part D prescription drug program to allow the government to negotiate with drug companies for more advantageous prices. I think we can all guess who is paying for these ads. As there is no good argument against this proposed change, the ads resort to catchphrases and innuendoes to suggest that everything is wonderful with the program and that “tampering” would be a mistake. The drug lobby managed to turn this legislation into a profit-enhancement system by getting the negotiation ban written in. It serves no one’s interest but the drug companies’. The Department of Veterans Affairs can negotiate with drug companies. Why not Medicare? It might well produce reduced deductibles for seniors. Don’t be suckered by these ads. – Morris Schorr Woodland Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Officials soft-pedal cop threat” (March 3): With all the corruption and crime we have witnessed inside in the Los Angeles Police Department over the years, we need more disclosures, not less. When we sign up for law enforcement, all bets are off as to our individual privacy. Law enforcement is the one job for which every applicant is screened all the way back to childhood. No stone is left unturned. An applicant’s financial history is looked at very closely to see if there is a track record of money woes that could lead to possible integrity issues in the field. And we all know that a few cops have had integrity issues in the field. The LAPD and other police departments clearly understand that some individuals can be susceptible to corruption if there is a financial motive. – Mike Mathis last_img