MovieBob Reviews A QUIET PLACE

first_img Is A Quiet Place good?Yes!What’s it about?We’re about a year out from basically The End of The World and Earth (or, at least, most of North America) has been utterly laid to waste by rampaging monsters (apparently aliens though I don’t think implicitly referred to as such) who navigate entirely by ultra-acute sense of sound. They can’t see, don’t seem to do much smelling, but if you so much as breathe too loud they’ll find you; so the only way to survive is shut the hell up and stay that way.So how is anyone still alive?Funny you should ask: Our heroes are a family of upstate New York farmers who, by happenstance, have a daughter who was born deaf – so (it’s implied) they were already fluent in communicating via American Sign Language (or “ASL”) and this has given them a tactical survival advantage; allowing them to work out a fairly complex day-to-day living regimen and granting A Quiet Place the welcome novelty of having almost all of its “spoken” dialogue be performed in ASL with subtitles. Deaf child actress Millicent Simmonds, previously seen in Wonderstruck, plays the daughter.Who else is in it?John Krasinski plays the father, he also co-wrote and directed the film. Emily Blunt is the mom. Noah Jupe, the little boy from Wonder, is the brother. They’re pretty much it, apart from the monsters (who are CGI and mostly unseen until the last half hour or so.)Is it scary?Yes, but it’s more about suspense since they establish early on that the “rule” is that the monsters (whatever they are – we never really find out and there isn’t really a “twist” happening) don’t show up until AFTER there’s any kind of loud noise. So it’s not a jump-scare movie. It’s more on the lines of “Oh no, they bumped into something noisy – is the monster going to come now or not!?” or “Oh crap, the monsters are right the hell over there, how do they get out of here without making noise?”Can this really sustain a whole movie?I was surprised too, but yeah – pretty much. Like I said; it’s just a no-bullshit old-fashioned monster movie, and there’s not a big secret hook apart from the sign language or some kind of reality-redefining genre-bending Shyamalan twist: There are scary monsters out there, if you make a sound they’re going to get you so try not to do that… and that’s about it. We spend exactly enough time getting to know the characters, a sense of the general geography and what they do and/or avoid doing to survive, the various fail-safes and security measures in place to protect them.  Some setups are just a way to go wrong regarding slow-building interpersonal conflict, miscommunication or just “shit happens” random bad luck. And then hit the point where a whole succession of stuff that can go wrong DOES, in fact, go really wrong and we watch how they fight and/or scramble their way out of it.Any real downside?I sort of wish the monsters themselves were a little more interestingly designed, though I appreciate the matter-of-factness in selling the “mechanics” of them by effectively just giving them a bunch of ears. But otherwise, they kind of have that same “Xenomorph plus the Cloverfield Monster” look that it seems like every other movie monster has had for the last decade or so and I miss the variety movie monsters had back when we were less concerned about them looking biologically plausible. Still, they’re effective when they need to be, all teeth and claws stompy noises and rapid darting motion blurs.But it mostly works, you think?I do. There are very few things I like more than a good, pure, straight-up, no-bullshit monster movie and this is a seriously tight version of one. It doesn’t exactly have the special something-extra of a Tremors or an Alligator, but it’s above Anaconda or Deep Blue Sea (both of which I also enjoy – don’t get me wrong). And it’s probably far and away the best thing Platinum Dunes has ever released even if I do really like the second and third Purge movies. It’s solid, it’s suspenseful, and I’d definitely watch a “Part 2” if they did one. MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more