Heres the internets best fake Street Sharks fan art

first_imgBy now, the story of how I fooled the internet with my Street Sharks lies is the stuff of legend. Just ask the serious journalists at Vox, Gawker, and The Daily Dot. If you somehow managed to miss it, the story goes like this: I made up a bunch of stuff about an awful 1990s cartoon and now the internet thinks it’s real. Granted, in the weeks since the revelation, the truth has started to win out. For example, if you search Street Sharks cast on Google, Henry Winkler’s name no longer shows up. But we never want the internet to forget the lies, so we asked you for help.For our Jawsome Contest, we asked readers to create the best fan art they could for my two totally fabricated Street Sharks characters: Henry Winkler’s gangleader Meathook and the female Street Sharks Roxie. Here are the gifts you gave us.First up, here’s the winning entry: “Meathook” by @Caribounose. In my fiction, Meathook is a human character, and Caribounose noted that discrepancy in this drawing. But maybe I got that wrong? Maybe the real fake Meathook was in fact another shark with a hook for hand? If someone told me this was concept art for an actual Street Sharks reboot I’d believe them.Next, here’s a rendition of Roxie by @Squeedgemonster. We actually got this drawing before the official contest, on the day the story hit, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It takes what I love about our in-house take on Roxie in the top image above, made by Ziff Davis artist Jose Ruiz, and makes it even more radical. The sparkling neon colors, fishnet bra, and hip attitude are totally what a female Street Shark should have.Finally, we have another Meathook, this one by @BurkeTomaselli. Sure, it may not display as much technical skill as the other entries, but it has just as much heart. I like how this guy could show up in a semi-realistic army movie. Plus, I think this one most resembles the actual fan art Street Sharks fans would’ve made when the show was one the air.Big thanks to everyone who entered the Jawsome Contest! We’ll do this again once I reveal another one of my decades-old lies. Henry Winkler wasn’t in Street Sharks. I made that up and people believed me.<><>last_img read more