Accuweather has released a seasonal forecast for autumn in Europe

first_imgThe American private meteorological company Accuweather today published the  seasonal forecast for the climatic autumn in Europe and, the forecast refers to the months of September, October and November.As for our regions, the main emphasis from the forecast is the  cessation of drought in October and November . According to the seasonal forecast, the drought that lasts in most of Italy and Southeast Europe should continue in early autumn, ie in September, when they are expected to continue above the average temperature and a little rain. October and November bring rainier weather, so the drought could end. This will especially ease the situation for farmers who have already suffered great damage from late spring frosts and summer heat waves.Thus, we can conclude that an above-average warm September is still expected, which is certainly good for the extension of the tourist season.However, southern Italy and Greece expect continued warm weather and drought conditions. Both Spain and Portugal expect dry conditions to continue during the autumn. Thus, there will continue to be an increased risk of forest fires that have already raged in these areas this summer.The western and central parts of the continent, ie the area from France, through Germany to Poland, are expecting a period of more stable and drier weather at the beginning of autumn, after a rainy summer. Above average temperatures are forecast for most of September. Then rainier weather is expected in October. November should bring the amount of precipitation around or slightly below average to these areas. Both the UK and Ireland area can expect a warmer and drier September. Then, towards the end of October and in November, more storms are expected. The impact of at least one or more former tropical systems from the Atlantic is also expected.And the area of ​​Eastern Europe (Baltic States and Ukraine) can expect warmer and drier weather during September and October. Then much colder weather is expected in November, with the appearance of the first snowstorms (Ukraine, Belarus).Check out the seasonal forecast for summer 2017 that was released in early May. Then the heat waves that hit the south of Europe this summer, including our region, were well predicted.Source: Crometeorlast_img read more