Xbox One requires 20 minute download update before it can be used

first_imgWhen the Wii U launched in November last year, many a gamer rushed home with their new Nintendo console only to be met with hours of frustration. The reason? A massive (5GB) day one software update combined with not enough servers to cope with demand.Hopefully the same won’t be true when the PS4 and Xbox One launch in November, but Microsoft has confirmed there will be a software update that needs downloading and installing before you can use its next-gen console.Marc Whitten, Xbox One Chief Platform Architect, has revealed the update is necessary during a Q&A session with IGN. He states that the update is being optimized, and will continue to be right up until launch. As it currently stands, anyone purchasing an Xbox One on November 22 can expect a download that takes between 15-20 minutes. That time is based on a typical connection speed, but Whitten doesn’t state exactly what counts as typical.We also don’t know how long the update will take to install. I can’t imagine it being that long and it would be fair to guess 10 minutes. If setting up your Xbox One takes 30 minutes, I doubt few would complain. Microsoft just needs to make sure it has the server capacity to cope with everyone requesting that download for their console.It seems likely Sony will also end up carrying out a day one update. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, at some point the console needs to be finalized and manufactured. The months that follow see work continue on the software and firmware it runs, and inevitably that means all consoles need an update on or soon after launch.last_img read more