Alien Sex Fetish Speaks to Desire for Novelty

first_img I am not embarrassed to admit I had no idea alien porn is a thing.Alas, “alien porn is a lot of things,” according to Motherboard, which described the fetish as “sometimes … tentacle-based,” while other times “it’s about an abduction fantasy.”“Of course, probing lends itself nicely to the category,” Samantha Cole quipped.AdChoices广告Sex with aliens, I’ve just learned, falls under the exophilia category: the love of extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human lifeforms. Basically, it’s a sexual form of neophilia (characterized by a strong affinity for novelty).Introduced into the lexicon of sexual pathologies in the 1990s via the book “Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish,” exophilia “tapped into something we didn’t know was there,” author and erotic theorist Supervert said.And that no-longer-hidden desire doesn’t appear to have waned in the decades since: There is no shortage of alien-related pornography—ranging from consensual E.T. sex and abduction fantasies to tentacles, ovipositing, and a whole subgenre of face-huggers.Aliens, it seems, serve as what Cole called “an X factor,” something new and original humans can turn to once all other species have been exhausted.“At its most basic form, alien porn is simply about getting it on with an alien,” she explained, citing a (very NSFW) video in which a costumed actor (wearing massive plastic hand-gloves and an even bigger mask) has their way with a bound-and-gagged naked woman.This isn’t exactly news: In 2015, Vice reported on the emerging (and utterly rank) craze of laying alien eggs inside yourself. Using a dildo that “lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice,” enthusiasts can replicate the act of being impregnated by something otherworldly.Gross.You don’t even need to type the word “porn” to get your fix of X-rated extraterrestrials. A quick YouTube search reveals scenes like Kim Basinger learning “what is sex” from a sentient purse in My Stepmother is an Alien or the distressing contamination of Brenda by parasite-infected Grant in James Gunn’s debut sci-fi comedy horror film Slither.“What could be less attainable than aliens? To lust after them is to adopt a strange attitude,” Supervert told Motherboard. “Instead of projecting his desire onto an individual, who could cause frustration and pain, the exophile projects it onto a being he knows does not exist.”Sound familiar?“He acknowledges the lack at desire’s heart but simultaneously gives it a face or a dozen arms like a Hindu deity,” Supervert continued. “If it sounds dream-like, with its contradictory levels of awareness and fantastic distortions of form, then we know exactly what Freud would have said about it. Wish fulfillment.”Non-human erotica is all the rage: A sex robot just made its adult film debut as camgirl Cardi-Bot twerks for tips. Also, check out our list of the horniest aliens in the universe, and read more about aliens here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target The Cinematic Sex of Marvel’s Netflix UniverseThe History of Sexbots in Movies last_img read more