Hallmark of trolls! Don’t read the story, read the headline and spew venom

first_imgindiatoday.in did a story analysing the high-profile India-Pakistan World Twenty20 match at the Eden Gardens. The preview titled “Golden chance for Pakistan to humiliate India ” merely looked at Pakistan’s chances of upsetting MS Dhoni’s men in their own den.But social media was up in arms against the HEADLINE! Mind you, the headline and not the content of the story. We were called anti-national, the author was bombarded with abusive messages on Facebook and somebody even sent him an email, calling him ‘a non residential Pakistani Journalist’.Reactions on social media are fine. You either agree with a story or you don’t. But there’s the problem. Very few people actually read the STORY! For if they had, they would have realised it was not anti-national at all. There was nothing anti-India in the preview.The stated article talked of India’s superior batting line-up and their wily bowlers, who could stand out even if the Eden Gardens pitch turned out to be a belter.Humiliation, we believe, is a word that should be used with great caution in sports. That logic was spoken of right at the start of the article. But there is absolutely zero understanding of what is being talked about. It was a simpleBut here’s the problem!Haters will hate. And that is what certain people do on social media. Journalists do not spread hate. The media no not spread hate. You now who spreads hate? It is people who decide to go after the media like a pack of hyenas. They are the ones to spread hate.advertisementIs it wrong to say that Pakistan are favourites to win this one? No it is not. We do not need lessons on patriotism from people who only want to abuse and overlook logic. A sports journalist needs to be neutral. Personally, if India smash Pakistan in Kolkata, I would be as delighted and proud as any other Indian.If India lose, I would be humiliated. Losing to Pakistan is never an option.People, read the story. React to the content. The headline was not provocative, it did not spread hate. But that is the thing with haters. They have such weak characters that a mere misinterpretation of a news headline can stir them up. The India Today article said Pakistan have happy memories at the Eden Gardens. They have never lost an ODI against India there. India and Pakistan have never played a T20 there before.We love India. We do not hate. We report the news, we report the truth and we do that without fear. And oh, if India win tonight, I would certainly celebrate and cheer. But then if Pakistan win, I will heap praise on our guests for a job well done.last_img read more