GraphQL API is now generally available

first_imgLast month, the team at Fauna, provider of FaunaDB, the cloud-first database announced the general availability of its GraphQL API, a query language for APIs. With the support for GraphQL, FaunaDB now provides cloud database services in the market and allows developers to use any API of choice to manipulate all their data. GraphQL also helps developers with their productivity by enabling fast, easy development of serverless applications. It makes FaunaDB the only serverless backend that has support for universal database access. Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify, a Fauna partner said, “Fauna’s GraphQL support is being introduced at a perfect time as rich, serverless apps are disrupting traditional development models.” Biilmann added, “GraphQL is becoming increasingly important to the entire developer community as they continue to leverage JAMstack and serverless to simplify cloud application development. We applaud Fauna’s work as the first company to bring a serverless GraphQL database to market.” GraphQL helps developers in specifying the shape of the data they need without requiring changes to the backend components that provide data. The GraphQL API in FaunaDB helps teams in collaborating smoothly and allows back-end teams to focus on security and business logic, and helps front-end teams to concentrate on presentation and usability. In 2017, the global serverless architecture market was valued at $3.46 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $18.04 billion by 2024 as per the Zion Research. GraphQL brings growth and development to serverless development so developers can look for back-end GraphQL support like the one found in FaunaDB. The GraphQL API also supports three general functions: Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions and currently, FaunaDB natively supports Queries and Mutations. FaunaDB’s GraphQL API provides developers with uniform access to transactional consistency, quality of service (QoS), user authorization, data access, and temporal storage. No limits on data history FaunaDB is the only database that provides support without any limits on data history. Any API such as SQL in FaunaDB can return data at any given time. Consistency FaunaDB provides the highest consistency levels for its transactions that are automatically applied to all APIs. Authorization FaunaDB provides access control at the row level which is applicable to all APIs, be it GraphQL or SQL. Shared data access It also features shared data access, so the data which is written by one API (e.g., GraphQL) can be read and modified by another API such as FQL. To know more about the news, check out the press release. Read Next 7 reasons to choose GraphQL APIs over REST for building your APIs Best practices for RESTful web services : Naming conventions and API Versioning [Tutorial] Implementing routing with React Router and GraphQL [Tutorial]last_img read more