Nintendo expects gamers to supply a hard drive for the Wii U

first_imgEven though E3 revealed a lot more about the social and gaming side of the Wii U, Nintendo still hasn’t revealed that much about what hardware is included inside the main Wii U console. It seems a hard drive may not be a standard feature, though.A Q&A session from E3 got translated and published by Nintendo in English earlier today. Part of the session mentioned use of a hard drive inside the Wii U. Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata was subsequently asked about the hard drive, but stated the company has never mentioned such a component. It seems there was an error in the translation.What Iwata did point out is that the Wii U has a USB port to allow gamers to attach their own external hard drives. This suggests Nintendo is going to keep costs down by relying on us to provide additional storage and only including minimal flash storage for save games.At first this may seem like a bit of an oversight on the part of Nintendo seeing as they are going to support HD gaming and game installs will be desirable to cut down on load times. But I actually like the idea. Having suffered high prices for the proprietary hard drive attached to the Xbox 360, I welcome the fact the Wii U may let you buy and use whatever storage drive you want (just like the PS3 does). It also means upgrading to a larger drive should be very simple and relatively cheap to do.For the moment the Q&A session has been removed by Nintendo, but they will have to answer questions over storage soon. If an external drive is required, then you can guarantee Nintendo will be offering their own Wii U version with matching casing at launch.Read more at Andriasanglast_img read more