PS3 firmware updated and restraining order placed on Geohot

first_imgSony have released a new firmware update (3.56) for the PS3 in an attempt to counterbalance Geohots hack which saw the individual and his team sued by Sony recently over several legalities, one of which was piracy caused by the exploit.However Sony have not confirmed that the update is designed explicitly to stop jailbreaking, but its recent restraining order against Geohot (aka George Hotz) was a minor victory for the corporate (or was it?, keep reading).A San Francisco court granted Sony a temporary restraining order which bans Hotz from offering to the public, creating, posting on-line, marketing, advertising, promoting, installing, distributing, providing, or otherwise trafficking any info or software that is related to circumventing the PS3’s security.Yet if Sony thought it had won the battle the company were mistaken as all this has done is made a martyr of Geohot. Already we have read reports that the 3.56 update has been hacked by a Wii hacker called Youness Alaoui, (aka KaKaRoToKs). Apparently he stated on Twitter the he has been able to unpack the firmware and publish its signing keys, thus allowing for custom firmwares to be created that would mimic the official update and allow hacked PS3s access to the PSN network.With this news Sony’s only hope to combat ongoing piracy is to deploy serial keys with PS3 games, but would this still be enough to deter all but the most determined hackers?Read more at CrunchGearlast_img read more