In England, the 2014 Pellegrini Premier is in danger

first_imgThe newspaper The Guardian recalls that the Premier has admitted to investigating irregularities committed by the City that have resulted in UEFA’s sanction, to see if such behavior should also result in punishment on their part. Until now there have been no demonstrations or accusations by the Premier, although media such as the Daily Mail and the Express They point out that the sanction, if it occurs, could have retroactive effects, something that allows the regulations of the Premier. Although we must also bear in mind that the Premier is much laxer than UEFA in its regulations, allowing clubs losses of up to 126 million euros in three seasons.In the case of a reduction of points, they point out that it would not make sense to be carried out on the current season, but in the years in which the infractions occurred, that is, from 2012 to 2016, period in which in addition to the aforementioned Premier, the City won two League Cups (2014 and 2016).In the event that this information is confirmed and the City lost the title of 2014 (and was awarded to Liverpool), it would mean the redemption of Steven Gerrard, the legend of the ‘reds’ whose slip on day 36 of that championship against Chelsea will always be remembered as one of the keys that allowed the City to win the title. Many of the direct and indirect consequences that UEFA’s sanction will entail for the Manchester City. Among them would be the possible ‘forced’ sale of players, the future of Guardiola … But today the English press points to a possible punishment that would entail the loss of one of the entity’s great achievements throughout its history: the 2013/14 Premier League.That was the fourth league title (second Premier) of the City in its history. The team led by Manuel Pellegrini then beat Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers after 38 games by two points. Premier League* Data updated as of February 16, 2020last_img read more