first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Trackbacks/Pingbacks Previous Article Next Article GuruOn 27 May 2003 in Personnel Todaycenter_img Building teams with biscuits – John Tomlinson – 5 Sep 2020 […] The version discussed in the podcast was from Personnel Today – here is a link to the article* […] Guru never really got to grips with Meredith Belbin’s 1980s study onpersonality types and management teams before, but thanks to new,ground-breaking research, the concept has fallen into place for him. All hasbeen explained in a language that Guru really understands – biscuits. According to a report by leading behavioural psychologist Gladeana McMahon,your cookie preferences betray your personality and potential. Did you know, for example, that HR directors are more likely to prefercustard creams? Apparently, the way in which you take your biscuit also says something aboutyou. You are a conformist if you take one biscuit at a time, confident if youtake two and if you take three or more you are overly competitive oraggressive. Guru was disappointed to find that his own biscuit habit has not beencovered – placing a whole Wagon Wheel in the mouth, sipping tea and holding everythingthere until the biscuit has completely melted before swallowing. Guru’s recordtime for this exercise is 11 minutes and four seconds. Now that Guru has finally found an HR topic he can enthuse about, he isinspired to write his first management book and would love to hear from otherpassionate biscuit behaviour analysts and theorists out there. What do your biscuit habits and preferences say about you? E-mail him at [email protected] does your biscuit say about you?Custard CreamsPreferred by the Team Workers who support members of the team by buildingon suggestions and improving communications while fostering team spirit. TheTeam Worker enjoys the reliable way in which the custard filling welds thebiscuit together and the HR director is the one most likely to make the most ofwelding the various people talents into a winning combination. Eaten layer bylayer, this really hits the spot.Boaster The preference of Co-ordinators. “Likely to be chosen by the individualwith a high business acumen and sound judgement”.Hob Nobs The Shaper is challenging, dynamic and thrives on pressure, with the driveand courage to overcome obstacles.Jaffa Cakes The Plant’s favourite. “Creative, imaginative and unorthodox – someonewho solves difficult problems and advances new ideas and strategies”.Rich Teas For sober, strategic, discerning Monitor Evaluators, such as procurementdirectors who “prefer a simple, unfussy biscuit at a reasonableprice”.Chocolate Digestives Resource Investigators are extroverted, enthusiastic and communicative andlove to explore opportunities and create contacts.Digestives Specialists are technical or financial experts such as the IT director orchief financial officer – people who seek precision and accuracy above all else.Shortbread Completer Finishers ensure the team is protected from mistakes and activelysearch for aspects of work that need a more than usual degree of attention.last_img read more

New Zealand introduces a tax on tourists, and Slovenia a promotional tax. Madness or ingenious solutions?

first_imgThe New Zealand Labor government has announced that it plans to introduce a tax on tourist arrivals from 2019 in order to find money for infrastructure burdened with an increasing number of visitors.The tax will amount to $ 24,40 per person, and will be charged from the middle of next year when obtaining a visa, writes Business diary. The government estimates that about $ 52 million will be raised on that basis, and Australian tourists, New Zealand’s most frequent foreign visitors, will be exempt from the tax.By the way, tourism is the main economic branch of New Zealand, and since 2015 the number of tourists has jumped by a third, while New Zealand can thank its tourist revival for the shooting of the mega-popular film, The Lord of the RingsOn the other side of the world or in our neighborhood, in Slovenia, guests will pay a tourist tax in addition to the tourist tax.In addition to the increased sojourn tax, tourists will soon be charged a promotional tax, which aims to improve Slovenian tourism, as defined by the new law adopted by the Slovenian parliament.The amount of the tourist tax will continue to be determined by the municipalities, with the new law increasing its maximum amount per day from the previous 1,265 euros to 2,50 euros, and the news is that tourists will now pay a promotional tax, which can be a quarter of the sojourn tax. .Photo: Slovenian Tourist BoardIn the worst case, in the most expensive destinations, the new amount of combined fees is 3,125 euros per day, which is 23 kuna per day, and the paid advertising fee will fill the budget of the Slovenian Tourist Board. By the way, a new regulation on the amount of sojourn tax was passed in Croatia last year, which has been in force since 2018. Thus, in accordance with the new regulation, the amount of the sojourn tax is determined in the range from HRK 2,50 to HRK 8,00, depending on the class of the tourist place and the seasonal period.It is interesting that the Ministry of Tourism calculates that the umbrella Slovenian tourist organization will earn an additional 4,7 million euros, while local communities and municipalities will earn another 6,9 million euros a year by increasing fees. Last year, 1,3 million domestic and 3 million tourists visited Slovenia, who spent 4 million nights. Of the foreigners, most Germans, Italians, Austrians, Croats and Serbs visited the country.A revolutionary idea or a total failure?It is interesting that instead of encouraging the development of tourism, ie the arrival of tourists in their country, with this “revolutionary idea” on the tourist market, Slovenia seems to charge for entry into its country, as in a museum. If you want to visit Slovenia – pay the entrance fee, more precisely 3 euros per day, per person. So in the case of New Zealand. If I can draw a parallel that immediately comes to mind, it is as in the case of restaurants that charge for setting the table, ie cutlery. Come, but pay taxes first.The promotional tax is exclusively a new fee paid by guests, and the Ministry of Tourism in Slovenia, with one decision, directly influenced the increase in the price of the entire destination, without tourists receiving any added value, increased service or the like.Personally, I consider this decision a failure, which reminds me of the ridiculous political moves when we talk about closing holes in the budget… raise taxes, VAT, new levies, additional health insurance, real estate tax, etc. građ. and here’s the money to patch holes in the budget. So in this case of advertising fees, the budget needs to be filled, so we will introduce a levy on tourists. The tourists we want to attract.You don’t need any intelligence, college or anything like that for such moves, anyone can be so “smart”. But strategically and planned to develop a tourist destination, create new tourist products or a smart strategy of promotion and branding in order to attract as many tourists to one tourist destination, which would generate tourist consumption, and thus fill the budget for better promotion of tourist destinations…. And for that you already have to think a little and fight in the market.Raising prices due to some whim, ie to fill the budget for the best possible promotion is, in my opinion, a total failure, which will negatively affect the competitiveness of Slovenia in a highly competitive tourist market.On the other hand, I can understand and only praise the need for New Zealand to curb mass tourism and environmental awareness and self-sustainability, it is also the goal of tourism, but to introduce a tourism tax to invest in that infrastructure is in my opinion as a tourist tax. fools. Do we want tourists or not?Certainly there are many ways to reduce the number of tourists to avoid over tourism, among other things the introduction of a tourist tax, and from year to year to increase or decrease the same, limit the number of entries, increase prices like many others. Also, tourist tax will not be paid by tourists from Australia, the main emitting market, so here we come to the issue of discrimination against all other tourists. When they were already so sure of their decision, then they should have introduced a tax on all tourists or they still calculated that it would significantly affect the decline in arrivals from Australia.However, the market is an open game, everyone is making their own way, and time will show how tourists will accept these changes and the introduction of new taxes at their expense, and how these measures will ultimately affect the overall tourism product and trends. Of course, if tourists are willing to pay additional taxes and if it turns out that these measures will not affect the decline in demand, the question arises again: Why not take that extra income?But these are all charms of an open market that is alive and well on the move, as is the whole economy.What is your opinion? As two chapters are always smarter than one and in order to argue the discussion, I invite you to engage in a constructive discussion on Facebook page.last_img read more

Airbnb raises $1 billion in debt from Oaktree, BlackRock

first_imgThe five-year loan priced at a spread of 7.5 percentage points over the benchmark London interbank offered rate and at a discount of 97.5 cents on the dollar, the people said. Terms tightened from a rate of 8 percentage points over Libor and a discount of 96 cents on the dollar, the person said. Investor demand for the deal exceeded $2.5 billion.The new debt is senior to the San Francisco-based company’s borrowings from Silver Lake and Sixth Street that it unveiled earlier this month, which is composed of second-lien debt and equity securities. The equity valued the company at $18 billion, a fraction of its $31 billion peak. The new deal doesn’t include warrants or other equity components, a person familiar with the deal said.The additional funds give Airbnb extra financial cushion as prospects dim for an initial public offering this year. It could help the company weather the economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic without going public, and could also allow the company to make acquisitions, a strategy it has been weighing, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg last month.Topics : Airbnb raised $1 billion in debt, according to people with knowledge of the matter, as the travel company braces for an extended fallout from the coronavirus.The new, first-lien debt comes from a group of more than 20 investors, including Silver Lake, the largest participant, as well as BlackRock, Eaton Vance, Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price Group, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Other participants include Apollo Global Management, Benefit Street Partners, Blackstone Group, Glade Brook Capital Partners, Oaktree Capital and Owl Rock Capital, the people said.The deal builds on last week’s investment of the same size from Silver Lake and Sixth Street Partners, which is also participating in the new debt, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the deal isn’t public. Representatives for the companies involved either declined to comment or didn’t immediately respond to requests.last_img read more

David Sullivan: West Ham have ‘unbreakable option’ to sign Manuel Lanzini

first_imgWest Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has warned off rival clubs interested in signing rising star Manuel Lanzini. The Argentinian midfielder is reportedly a target for Liverpool following his impressive start to life in the Premier League. Lanzini has scored four goals so far this season, including one against the Reds in West Ham’s 3-0 win at Anfield in August. Press Associationcenter_img The 22-year-old moved to Upton Park in the summer on a season-long loan from United Arab Emirates side Al Jazira, and Sullivan insists his club have an “unbreakable option” to sign him permanently. “I know there have been some reports in the media over the weekend surrounding the future of Manuel Lanzini,” Sullivan told the club website. “We have an unbreakable option with both Lanzini and his club, so any other team’s interest is irrelevant. “Manuel has been a fantastic signing for the club and we all hope he can maintain this superb run of form for the rest of the season.” Sullivan also confirmed forward Enner Valencia will be out until early January with the ankle injury he suffered against Everton recently. last_img read more

Andrew Breitbart encourages bolder conservatives

first_imgConservative political commentator and blogger Andrew Breitbart spoke to students in Doheny Library on Wednesday night, in an event hosted by the USC College Republicans, to highlight the differences between liberals and conservatives.Activism · Andrew Breitbart is the publisher of the blogs BigHollywood, BigPeace, BigGovernment and BigJournalism. He spoke in Doheny Memorial Library Wednesday. – Matthew Wunderlich | Daily Trojan Breitbart said he became interested in politics during his time at Tulane University in the late 1980s. Although he originally held more liberal beliefs during his college years, he gradually shifted his political viewpoints to the right.“I just found myself naturally entering the conservative power realm. I started to realize and think through some of these things that, wherever the left exists, it tries to shut down dissent,” Breitbart said. “Well, I’m a loudmouth and I don’t want to be shut up, so I didn’t like this.”Many view Breitbart as a strict Republican, but he said he is just focused on improving society.“I’m not as political as people think I am,” he said. “I simply care about changing our culture and neutralizing the pernicious influence that the left has on society. They control the megaphone.”Rosemary Meyerott, a junior majoring in business administration, is a new member to the College Republicans who said she wanted to see what Breitbart had to say to USC students.“I wanted to know what he had to share specifically with college students and how his beliefs operate in the university setting,” Meyerott said.Breitbart said he has found that liberals have control over cultural institutions, including Hollywood and American universities, because conservatives have a hard time expressing their viewpoints.He said many of his acquaintances in the entertainment industry, ranging from models to directors to comedians, would tell him about their conservative views, but keep them private for fear of not getting hired.Breitbart said he thinks university professors also hide their true political beliefs for fear of not being able to receive tenure.“Everywhere that I go that reflects the cultural vanguard whether it be USC or Hollywood or the offices of The New York Times you see the same traits of leftist intolerance to other ideas and those ideas reflect a great majority of the American people,” Breitbart said.Breitbart delineated the different definitions of tolerance between those on the left and those on the right.“[The left’s] definition of tolerance is that if you disagree with the proper progressive position of what something is, that’s intolerance,” he said. “You’re living in their little matrix of political correctness where they’re saying if you disagree with us, we’re going to shut you down and call you an ‘ist’ — a racist, a sexist and so on.”Anjali Naskar, a junior majoring in international relations (global business), said she often feels intimidated to speak up in class about her Republican views.“I know that in my classes, I’m scared to speak up because I’m afraid my more liberal professors will throw my beliefs in my face,” Naskar said. “There could be more Republicans in my class, but I wouldn’t really ever know. But Breitbart’s speech got me inspired, so now I’m thinking that I might speak up more about my political views.”Breitbart is the publisher of the news portals and and the blogs BigHollywood, BigGovernment, BigJournalism and BigPeace. His new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World, will be published later this spring.last_img read more

Capel a winner in debut as Pitt tops Youngstown State 69-53

first_imgPITTSBURGH (AP) — Xavier Johnson and Trey McGowens committed to Pittsburgh within a week of each other last spring, won over by new head coach Jeff Capel’s enthusiasm and hardly bothered by the prospect of trying to earn their way into the starting lineup.They spend copious amounts of time in the gym, determined to be part of the turnaround the Panthers have tasked Capel with orchestrating following the program’s freefall under former head coach Kevin Stallings.While the polish isn’t quite there, the effort certainly is. McGowens scored 17 points, Johnson added 16 points, six assists and five rebounds as Pitt pulled away in the second half for a 69-53 victory over Youngstown State on Tuesday night.“We’re young,” McGowens said. “So the biggest thing we’re going to learn from our mistakes, that’s the biggest thing. (Capel) talks a lot about playing with energy. We’re going to make mistakes but obviously we’re going to learn from them.”During one 10-second sequence in the first half Johnson blew a dunk, raced back on defense, grabbed a rebound and rather than flip the ball ahead to Kene Chukwuka for an easy layup took it up the floor himself. His attempt to wrap the ball behind his back ended up with the ball sailing out of bounds due to a turnover, and yet he remained in the game.“I think if you’re going to allow guys to have freedom then you have to allow them to make mistakes as long as they’re mistakes going hard,” Capel said. “We certainly made some mistakes and it wasn’t just those guys, it was everyone, it was me. But those guys were playing hard. You allow them to grow. You allow them to fix it.”Taking over a program that went 0-19 in the ACC last year, Capel cautioned it will take time for the Panthers to climb their way back into relevance in arguably the nation’s toughest conference. He stressed there are no shortcuts and his starting lineup may have indicated his commitment to a long-term rebuild, though the first step ended with Pitt picking up its first victory in 319 days.The Panthers sent three freshmen — Johnson, McGowens and Au’Diese Toney onto the floor — and Capel substituted liberally trying to get a feel for what he has on his hands.Malik Ellison, a transfer from St. John’s, scored 13 for Pitt as the Panthers used a 12-0 run early in the second half to take control after the Penguins briefly tied the game at 27. Chukwuka provided a jolt off the bench, finishing with seven points and eight rebounds.“He gave us energy,” Capel said. “That’s who Kene has been since I’ve been here. I thought his energy on both ends of the court helped us break the game open.”Kendale Hampton had 15 points off the bench for Youngstown State but the Penguins shot just 27 percent (18 of 67) from the field, including 8 of 38 3-pointers.Youngstown State actually had more turnovers (20) than made baskets. Pitt wasn’t much better for long stretches but was never threatened after a Johnson-fueled burst put the Panthers up double digits.“We had been averaging close to 35 or 40 (3-point attempts in scrimmages),” Penguins coach Jerrod Calhoun said. “If you make seven or eight more or even five more, it’s a different ballgame.”WILSON-FRAME OUTThe Panthers played without senior forward Jared Wilson-Frame, suspended one game for a violation of team rules.The absence of Wilson-Frame, the leading scorer last season on a team that went winless in the Atlantic Coast Conference, gave Capel a chance to experiment extensively with his lineup. Toney had 12 points and nine rebounds while starting in place of Wilson-Frame, though Capel said Wilson-Frame will be back with the team on Friday against VMI.EARLY AND UGLYThe college season started a week earlier than usual, and the rustiness showed. It wasn’t just the turnovers. Capel counted at least a handful of layups the Panthers missed and flow was hard to come by.“It was like going to the dentist,” Calhoun said. “It was painful to watch.”BIG PICTUREYoungstown State: The Penguins are in the midst of a rebuild of their own under Calhoun. Youngstown State has just four players back from a team that was 8-24 last season. Calhoun is committed to having his team chuck it from deep, though a couple more 8 for 38 performances might force him to reconsider.Pitt: Capel’s arrival brings energy and the schedule over the opening weeks isn’t exactly daunting. The Panthers don’t play a Power 5 team until facing Iowa in three weeks as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. By then Capel may have some semblance of a rotation.UP NEXTYoungstown State: Faces Akron in Cleveland on Saturday as part of the Northeast Ohio Coaches vs. Cancer Classic.Pitt: Welcomes Virginia Military Institute on Friday.___More AP college basketball: and Pittsburgh guard Trey McGowens goes for a rebound against Youngstown State forward Naz Bohannon during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, at Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh. (Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)last_img read more