Williams Refrigeration’s

first_imgWilliams Refrigeration’s (King’s Lynn, Norfolk) new modular dough retarder-provers (DRPs) are said to feature two major advances for the baker. The new Doughmaster Control panel makes the DRPs easier to use and more flexible, and the new single-piece floor makes the DRPs structurally stronger than traditional units and improves hygiene control. The Doughmaster Control, fitted in the DRP door, is a 256-colour display screen, which can be customised with the bakery’s logo. Its software package features a range of pre-programmed menus, while it also has an advanced diagnostic facility, which pinpoints maintenance and servicing issues. The DRP’s floor is made in one piece, is fully sealed and has a ‘dish’ format. The most important benefits are hygiene and moisture control: there are no dirt traps, the floor is easier to clean and moisture control is improved.last_img read more

Good weather alone will not dictate wheat prices

first_imgThe current good weather in wheat growing areas of the UK does not necessarily bode well for this year’s harvest, warns Ian Pinner, managing director of ADM Milling.He told British Baker: “There is much speculation about the crops at the moment but the perception that this year’s crop looks very good could be in vain. Until it is in the barn we simply don’t know. We have to be realistic. Heavy rain in August is one factor that could affect the harvest and there are several other less speculative but more factual issues to bear in mind.”Pinner said: “The amount of ‘quality wheat’, ie breadmaking wheat, that has been grown worldwide is down significantly compared to last year and this is why we are seeing an increase in wheat prices year on year.”The reduction in plantings is due to factors such as set-aside (land left fallow due to a change in EU subsidies) in Europe and cold dry weather in the US, Ukraine and Russia during key growing periods.Pinner said: “You don’t need much to happen in one of the key wheat-growing regions in the world for there to be a sudden sharp impact on prices. In addition consumption is slightly higher than supply. “Production is down globally from 622m to 600m tonnes. Premiums for breadmaking wheat in the UK are often not high enough so farmers are choosing alternatives such as rapeseed which can be used for bio-diesel.”He said that ADM is working hard at keeping customers informed via regular wheat bulletins, emails to customers who request the service and it is also posting information on its web site. Pinner added: “We also operate ADM direct, which we have developed over the last three years through recruiting buyers to source locally-grown breadmaking wheat. It means a shorter supply chain, better availability and our buyers communicating with local farmers and our mills.”Commenting on recent consolidation in the industry he said: “There has been tremendous change in the last three years with five mills closing in the industry in the past 12 months and Northern Foods announcing a re-structure. Margins are driving consolidation.”last_img read more

Consumer watch

first_imgThe last time I went to a craft bakery, I bought two turkey rolls on my way to work. I bought them for convenience because there are always people waiting to be served in the supermarket.I also find the rolls are better quality and fresher than pre-packed sandwiches. They also sell cups of soup at my bakery, which I think is a very good idea.I don’t have a massively sweet tooth and so don’t eat a lot of cakes. I particularly don’t like apple pie or anything that contains warm fruit. I just think that its too gooey. What I do really like though, but you don’t see them so much any more, are iced buns.I wouldn’t buy a meat pie in a bakery. I think they are too heavy for a snack. I prefer pies as part of a meal, with new potatoes or vegetables. Because of this, I buy them at the supermarket or eat home-made pies.I would not go to a bakery just to buy bread. Although I think the bread is better. I don’t think that many people have the time to go to different shops to buy things. I just wait until I go shopping in the supermarket and then I can buy everything all at once.I used to think I only liked white bread because that’s all I would buy. But after trying it, I’m really starting to enjoy brown and multi-grain bread.Joseph Bastick-VinesStreatham, Londonl Each month, British Baker will ask a member of the public what they think of bakery products available in the UKlast_img read more

JUNE – October Highlights in the coming months include the CCFRA’s fault-solving course for basic bakery products and the Kingston & District Master Bakers Association meeting

first_imgJune 30 Italian breads, one-day courseLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 4 Residential Breadmaking courseLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Wheat Variety – Visual IdentificationLocation: CCFRA, Chipping CampdenContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)7 – 8 Baking with English Wheat, two-day courseLocation: Bread Matters, CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 8818997 – 8 SourdoughLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 11 Basic Bakery Product Faults SolvedLocation: CCFRA Chipping CampdenContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)10 – 11 Basic BreadmakingLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 15 Gluten-Free Baking, two-day courseLocation: Bread Matters CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 88189914 – 15 Continental, Italian and French breadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Kingston & District Master Bakers Association meeting(with speaker Tony Phillips and a three-course meal)Location: Crown Hotel, Chertsey, SurreyContact, tel: 01932 345486 (Linda Clarke)/01483 489939email: [email protected] – 15 Bread Matters Fundamental, two-day courseLocation: Bread Matters, CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 881899September1 – 2 Continental, Italian and French breadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 5 Basic BreadmakingLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] One-Day BasicLocation: Ludlow, ShropshireContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Ludlow Master ClassLocation: Ludlow, ShropshireContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 14 Advanced Practical Biscuit TechnologyLocation: CCFRA, Chipping CampdenContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)14 Italian breads, one-day courseLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] FlatbreadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 19 Going ProfessionalLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Baking For A Healthier Diet: developing products for optimal nutritionLocation: CCFRAContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)22 – 23 Whole Grain Baking, two-day courseLocation: Bread Matters, CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 88189922 – 23 Wood-fired Oven WorkshopLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 30 Baking for a Living, two-day courseLocation: Bread Matters, CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 881899October1 – 8 Bakers’ Tour in FranceLocation: Rhone valley, FranceContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 05 Basic Principles Of BakingLocation: CCFRA, Chipping CampdenContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)last_img read more

Sandwich sales are boosted by consumer focus on health

first_imgThe expansion of sandwich bars and the trend for healthy eating has turned sluggish performance in the sandwich market between 2002 and 2006 into an estimated 9% rise in the last year, says a new report.Research from Mintel estimates the market will be worth more than £4 billion this calendar year, up from £3.3bn in 2002. And it forecasts a 27% expansion between 2007 and 2012, taking sales to around £5.2bn.Vivianne Ihekweazu, senior market analyst at Mintel, said: “The sandwich market has turned itself around. Having successfully tapped into the trend for healthy eating, it is now clearly reaping the rewards.” The availability of superfood and wheat-free varie-ties, coupled with a greater range of fillings, helped to boost sales.But the Mintel report, entitled Sandwiches, published last week, warned that “after three to four years, the focus will need to be a continuous increase in value sales, as the competitive environment – both within the sandwich category and outside it – is becoming very intense”. It added: “More consumers may choose salads and fewer carb-rich options, as health becomes a major focus. The amount of salt in these products may also come under increasing scrutiny.”Takeaway sandwiches dominated the market, accounting for £3.8bn-worth of sales in the last year, said Mintel, while eat-in sales represented just 6% at £229m.Mintel also found a change in adults’ bread preferences, with white bread down from 65.3% in 2003 to 52.4% in 2007. Meanwhile healthier types were increasingly favoured, with brown up 5.9%, Granary up 6.5% and wholemeal up 7.6% over the same period.’Eat me, keep me’ deals, where one sandwich is bought for immediate consumption and another to keep and eat later, could make the most of the trend towards longer working hours, added the report.last_img read more

Bakery Services to see management buyout

first_imgTroubled bakery group Bakery Services is set to sell its two operating divisons, Inbake and Don Millers, to current directors Keith Bentley and David Drury for £50,000.The in-store bakery and café franchise company, which has has not reported a profit since 31 March, 2000, had previously told shareholders it was looking at ways to “enhance shareholder value”. It had also considered winding up the company but did not believe this option would generate any value for shareholders, it said last week.It had not received any firm expressions of interest from third parties, apart from Bentley and Drury, it added.The Alternative Investment Market-listed company’s plans are conditional upon the approval of shareholders in a general meeting, due to be held on 28 December. If approved, corporate financier Andrew Hunt would join the board as an additional director, tasked with identifying and securing investments in line with the company’s new proposed strategy.This strategy was to invest in, or acquire one or more businesses operating in the business process outsourcing sector within the UK, it said in a statement. Business process outsourcing encompasses the contracting of back- and front-office tasks, such as payroll, payment processing, information technology, data preparation, mailing and call centres.Bentley told British Baker that he was unable to comment further before the shareholders meeting.Bakery Services’ Inbake division manages and operates in-store bakeries, trading from concession sites, mainly in Co-op supermarkets. It currently employs 88 people and operates nine bakeries. Three of those sites are at risk, directors have suggested. The division reported a £51,873 profit for the 12 months to 31 March, 2007.Don Millers is a retail bakery and sandwich café franchise business. It has one one managed unit and six franchisees. The division reported a £200,717 loss for the 12 months to 31 March, 2007.last_img read more

What does ’foodservice’ actually mean?

first_imgDefra’s Food Service and Eating Out: An Economic Survey (2007), defines foodservice suppliers as providers of food items to catering outlets that offer eating locations outside the home. But retailers are increasingly supplying foodservice-style products for consumption at home and the range of retail outlets offering food (eg, sandwiches), virtually indistinguishable from that of takeaways, is growing.l The industry captures about a third of consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic drinks and provides one in six mealsl It employs 1.5m people – more than any other part of the food chainl The foodservice market is split into two sectors: for profit and cost sector – its products usually sourced via a wholesalerl For-profit catering covers restaurants, hotels and other outlets where the food is sold on to the consumer at a profitl Cost sector catering covers locations such as hospitals, etc, where food from foodservice suppliers is provided to the consumer by the buying organisation at little or no direct cost to the end consumerlast_img read more

Planning ahead

first_imgMay 22-26SIAB, Verona, Italywww.siabweb.comOne of the biggest international events for bakery, pastry, confectionery, machinery and ingredients, Italian show SIAB has innovation as its theme this year. The show will include a techno-bake forum with a workshop for fresh ideas, as well as a special area to show off new pastries, semi-finished goods and pizzas. Bread recipes and cakes will also feature heavily.last_img

BMV administrative penalty fees resume July 1

first_img Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook TAGSadministrativebmvbureau of motor vehiclescoronavirusCOVID-19feesIndianajuly 1penalty IndianaLocalNews Previous articleREAL Services Provides 10,000 Meals Every Week During Covid-19 PandemicNext articleSouth Bend Schools to host in-person graduation ceremonies Brooklyne Beatty Pinterest WhatsAppcenter_img Google+ Facebook BMV administrative penalty fees resume July 1 (Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth) The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) announced Friday that administrative penalty fees will resume on July 1.Hoosiers with expired driver’s licenses, permits, state identification cards, and vehicle registrations need to complete renewal transactions by June 30 to avoid paying an administrative penalty fee.Title transactions and new vehicle registrations must also be completed before July 1.To complete a transaction prior to the deadline, make an appointment with your local BMV branch here.  By Brooklyne Beatty – May 22, 2020 0 448 Google+ Twitterlast_img read more