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Get the latest deals,贵族宝贝Jaiah,” But Sommer had spent hours searching the literature but had turned up nothing—not a single study that used the idea of collateral sensitivity to choose antibiotics. “Many people have advocated switching drugs” says Robert Beardmore a bioscience mathematician at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom “But this shows that you can’t just make any old switches You can take a path of choices to form something like an entire treatment that selects against resistance” There is one bit of caution: The researchers have done the tests only in vitro and used only E coli Beardmore says “The acid test will be when these ideas are implemented in vivo”Fifty Shades of Grey may be a fun read but it’s not going to help you probe the minds of others the way War and Peace might That’s the conclusion of a new study which finds that compared with mainstream fiction high-brow literary works do more to improve our ability to understand the thoughts emotions and motivations of those around us Perhaps it’s no surprise that the lead author of the new study David Kidd came to social psychology by way of Russian literature Now a PhD student at the New School in New York City he is versed in arguments from literary theorists that divide fiction into two categories When we read a thrilling-but-predictable bestseller “the text sort of grabs us and takes us on a roller-coaster ride” he says “and we all sort of experience the same thing” Literature on the other hand gives the reader a lot more responsibility Its imaginary worlds are full of characters with confusing or unexplained motivations There are no reliable instructions about whom to trust or how to feel Kidd and his adviser social psychologist Emanuele Castano suspected that the skills we use to navigate these ambiguous fictional worlds serve us well in real life In particular the duo surmised that they enhance our so-called theory of mind That’s the ability to intuit someone else’s mental state—to know for example that when someone raises their hand toward us they’re trying to give us a high-five rather than slap us It’s closely related to empathy the ability to recognize and share the feelings of others Increasing evidence supports the relationship between reading fiction and theory of mind But much of this evidence is based on correlations: Self-reported avid readers or those familiar with fiction also tend to perform better on certain tests of empathy for example To measure the immediate cognitive effects of two types of fiction Castano and Kidd designed five related experiments In each they asked subjects to read 10 to 15 pages of either literary or popular writing Literary excerpts included short stories by Anton Chekhov and Don DeLillo as well as recent winners of the PEN/O Henry Prize and the National Book Award For more “mainstream” selections they looked to Amazoncom top-sellers such as Danielle Steel’s The Sins of the Mother and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and to anthologies of genre fiction including a sci-fi story by Robert Heinlein When participants finished their excerpts they took tests designed to measure theory of mind In one test the Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy 2—Adult Faces (DANVA2-AF) test they looked at a face for 2 seconds and decided whether the person appeared happy angry afraid or sad In the more nuanced Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (RMET) they saw only a small slice of a face and picked from four complex emotions such as “contemplative” and “skeptical” On average both groups did slightly better on these tests than control subjects who read either a nonfiction article or nothing at all This fits with previous research showing a positive relationship between fiction and theory of mind But among the fiction readers those who read “literary” works scored significantly higher on the theory of mind tests than those who read popular selections Kidd and Castano report online today in Science The absolute differences in scores were hardly dramatic: On average the literary group outperformed the popular group by about two questions (out of 36) on the RMET test and missed one fewer question (out of 18) on the DANVA2-AF But psychologist Raymond Mar of York University in Toronto Canada notes that even very small effects could be meaningful provided they translate into real-world consequences—reducing the likelihood that social misunderstandings could create grudges or leave someone in tears Keith Oatley a cognitive psychologist at the University of Toronto agrees that any evidence of literature’s effect based on this experimental approach is “big news” “I’m quite impressed that they managed to find results with these tests” Still the “literariness” argument needs hammering out Castano believes these results show that fiction’s power doesn’t hinge on exposing readers to foreign viewpoints or offering a persuasive empathetic message “For us it’s not about the content” he says “It was about the process” But Mar points out that there are probably many ways to improve theory of mind and “different things might work for different people” Some may find that stories with a moral of acceptance and empathy increase their theory of mind skills for example while others might benefit more from the practice of filling in the emotional gaps in an ambiguous story Cognitive neuroscientist Vittorio Gallese of the University of Parma in Italy who is also exploring how the brain responds to works of art finds the new link between real and fictional worlds exciting but is skeptical of the distinction between literary and mainstream fiction “This is a very slippery ground” he says because historical tastes often move the boundary between “high” and “low” art For example he says Honoré de Balzac’s The Human Comedy was released in serial form as a work of “popular” fiction but has since attained the status of a classic

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