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Addressing a press conference, That he would do everything he could to gussy up to Putin; hes distanced himself here and there, This gallery presents some of the unpublished outtakes from that story. says Mark Vanderwel, Lyft Plus is a fancier, on the other hand, six other studios and the Motion Picture Association of America have been coordinating a legal and technical plan to fight online piracy.

In the study, Most of the destruction that day was caused by a 10-meter surge that overwhelmed coastal defenses from south of Fukushima to the northern tip of Honshu island. But Stephan Grilli, he lent his voice to an ad for Republican pr candidate John Kasich. the superbly efficient robotic housekeeper in The Jetsons. There are many lessons to be drawn from the ugly incident we all witnessed yesterday. together, but most show a newly tightened race that Obama had appeared on his way to winning easily. but Minnesota opponents (who support gay marriage) were buoyed by recent polls showing amendment support just dropping below 50 percent.” More importantly get ready to never hear the end of this one.

People may also see eating out as an excuse to take a break from their diet, made this known at the 1st Annual General Meeting,” While Demon’s Souls is similar, “We have 64 boarding schools in Yobe State, death and other reasons as stipulated in Article 17 of our party’s constitution. chaired by sociologist Janet Finch, which makes up as much as 40% of people’s diets. Ark. and Salt Lake City) The party in the White House typically suffers major defeats in that Presidents first midterms (Barack Obama for instance watched Republicans net 63 seats in the 2010 elections) Republicans this cycle watched as 50 colleagues in the House though resignations primary losses or joining other races realized they werent on House ballots this year Democratic enthusiasm has remained a strong factor in the country while Republicans have had mixed views of how Trump is handling himself A strong economy could render GOP voters complacent as could expectations that the Democrats victories are inevitable Even so these Republicans see potential Maybe its the typical end-of-campaign-cycle exhaustion talking but these Republicans think they could still pull off one of the biggest political blocks in history It may not be elegant or by a big margin at all but it could happen "Its no secret we are the underdogs" said one GOP strategist who like others agreed to speak candidly on the condition of anonymity "But we continue to evaluate where we can make a difference have an impact This isnt the time to be emotional Too much is at risk" Still he said that doesnt make the phone call to a campaign telling staffers that the view from Washington is that the cause is lost any easier Retreat though may be the only route to overall victory Write to Philip Elliott at [email protected] Jennifer Bailey Apple’s vice president of internet services has her sights set on your wallet But she doesnt want the cash inside instead the company wants to replace your wallet altogether Speaking at Fortunes Brainstorm Reinvent 2018 conference Bailey explained how the companys 2014 introduction of Apple Pay a payment system that allows users to make purchases at participating retailers simply by tapping their phones on a point of sale system was the first step in the companys plan to replace the physical wallet altogether "When we thought about Apple Pay we really thought broadly about wanting to do services that replace the wallet" Bailey explained "And we wanted to start with payments Payments are something that people do every day Its a constant part of your life" When Apple introduced the Apple Pay feature back in 2014 the system worked well but it was only accepted at a limited number of retail locations "As some of you may know in the United States the payments industry is a bit farther behind from a technology perspective than other countries" said Bailey "Weve spent quite a bit of time growing that acceptance footprint We think this year well end at 60% of retail locations in the US accepting Apple Pay" But growing a broad acceptance of Apple Pay is only one part of the companys strategy Apple plans to gradually expand the capabilities of its Apple Wallet app allowing iPhone users to leave more and more of their physical cards at home "If you look at some of the things were working on now in terms of replacing the wallet were also doing things like transit" Bailey says "Today in 12 metro cities across the world you can use your Apple Wallet with Apple Pay technology to go through transit stations" But Apple doesnt plan to stop with transit passes Some universities have started making Apple Wallet-compatible student IDs allowing students to tap into their dorms or pay for meals with their iPhones Walgreens lets customers use their iPhones to access their store memberships Some sports franchises in the US not only have fully Apple Pay-enabled concessions but also allow fans to store their tickets in their Apple Wallet New York Giants season ticket holders can enter MetLife Stadium simply by tapping their phones According to Bailey Apple is eyeing even more areas in which to expand Apple Wallet’s capabilities "Theres actually a number of areas you can think about that we can extend this type of technology Hospitality hotel rooms is definitely one" Bailey explained "Versus being issued a card at the check-in you could check in via the app and you could get digital-issuance of a hotel room key" For Bailey Apples push to digitize your wallet is a method of expanding the iPhone’s capabilities "Its all actually about making people love their iPhones" said Bailey "That is why we are doing what we do" Contact us at [email protected] foreign policy," Chief Justice Mike McGrath wrote in a court document filed June 4.

in apparent abuse and violation of his professional duties or code of ethical conduct.A group under the aegis of Middle Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG) has demanded for open apology from former Chief of Army Staff 2016 in Cuba.John Moore—Getty ImagesFaced with restrictions on photographing the faces of Gitmo’s guards and detainees Moore navigated the facility sensitively capturing haunting images of what could be shown Absence and presence are at once conveyed objects indicating the existence of the eerie facility’s residentsMoore says his fascination with still life scenes can also be attributed in part to the "surreality of the place in general"He described why one image from the "boneyard" where artwork is left by outgoing military units was particularly poignant: "The central figure in the image is an homage from a still photo of Clint Eastwood The great photojournalist Eddie Adams actually made that original photo for Parade Magazine in 1992 and it was later used as the poster for Eastwood’s film ‘Unforgiven’ It was not the first time Adams’ photos were used in unintended ways"John Moore is a staff photographer at Getty ImagesChelsea Matiash is TIME’s deputy multimedia editor Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cmatiashOlivier Laurent who contributed reporting is the editor of TIME LightBox Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @olivierclaurentDoctors and soldiers could soon place their trust in an unusual ally: the mouse Scientists have genetically engineered mice to be ultrasensitive to specific smells paving the way for animals that are “tuned” to sniff out land mines or chemical signatures of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Trained rats and dogs have long been used to detect the telltale smell of TNT in land mines and research suggests that dogs can smell the trace chemical signals of low blood sugar or certain types of cancer Mice also have powerful sniffers: They sport about 1200 genes dedicated to odorant receptors cellular sensors that react to a scent’s chemical signature That’s a few hundred less than rats and about the same as dogs (Humans have a paltry 350) Paul Feinstein wants to upgrade the mouse’s already sensitive nose For the last decade the neurobiologist at Hunter College in New York City has been studying how odorant receptors form on the surface of neurons within the olfactory system During development each olfactory neuron specializes to express a single odorant receptor which binds to chemicals in the air to detect a specific odor In other words each olfactory neuron has a singular receptor that senses a particular smell Normally there is an even distribution of receptors throughout the system so each receptor can be found in about 01% of mouse neurons Feinstein wondered if he could make the mouse’s nose pay more attention to particular scents by making certain odorant receptors more numerous He and colleagues developed a string of DNA that when injected into the nucleus of a fertilized mouse egg appears to make olfactory neurons more likely to develop one particular odorant receptor than the others This receptor called M71 detects acetophenone a chemical that smells like jasmine When the team added four or more copies of the DNA sequence to a mouse egg a full 1% of neurons carried it—10 times more than normal In the same lab Hunter College postdoctoral researcher Charlotte D’Hulst was trying in vain to splice human olfactory genes into a mouse’s genome For some reason a tried-and-true gene swapping method just wasn’t working So she teamed up with Feinstein and used his technique to introduce a human odorant receptor OR1A1—modified with Feinstein’s DNA sequence—into mice OR1A1 detects a chemical with a peppermintlike smell It worked And this time they found the OR1A1 receptor in a whopping 13% of the olfactory neurons “We changed the probability of choice in our favor” D’Hulst says “even though we still don’t really know how this DNA sequence drives choice” To figure out how these changes affect a mouse’s sense of smell the researchers gave both the genetically engineered and ordinary mice a choice of two water bottles one of which was diluted with trace amounts of chemicals that triggered either M71 or OR1A1 If the mice drank from the pure water nothing happened but if they drank from the diluted water they would receive an uncomfortable injection that made them feel queasy The researchers kept lowering the concentration of the chemicals to see if the mice could detect and therefore avoid it Both types of super-sniffer mice were able to detect the odors at much lower concentrations preferentially seeking out the pure water The M71 mice were about twice as sensitive and the OR1A1 mice about 100 times as sensitive to their respective chemicals as were ordinary mice the researchers write today in Cell Reports Feinstein predicts that with more tweaking his introduced DNA sequence can achieve even greater sensitivity—to a limit “We’re not sure where the break point is the point of diminishing returns” he says “But I believe we can increase it further” The work looks “very encouraging” says Alexander Fleischmann a neuroscientist at the Collège de France in Paris who also studies odorant receptors in mice But he wants to know whether the technique holds up across a broader range of settings For example would mice exhibit different behaviors if they were tempted with rewards for scent detection rather than punished with an uncomfortable injection as they were in this study It’s more than an academic question Behavioral conditioning that relies upon punishment he says involves split-second reactions in the brain that differ from the situations mice would face in a real-world scenario There’s also a question of signal-to-noise More receptors also means more olfactory signal going to the brain and in his own work Fleischmann has seen that the brain’s olfactory bulb tends to flatten out spikes in odor signals That might potentially limit the effectiveness of boosting the proportion of a particular receptor Meanwhile Feinstein says the new technique could help answer bigger questions including decoding the “black box” of the human olfactory system—so called because so little is known about how the human brain processes smells If the researchers could make a mouse for each human odorant receptor—their stated goal—they could discover which chemicals trigger each receptor something only imperfectly understood today “We believe that by using this technique we finally have the tools to crack the olfactory code” he says There are practical applications as well The work could help engineers create a “nose-on-a-chip” for example that would allow say fragrance manufacturers to more precisely tailor their scents Feinstein also envisions translating the technique to rats to create supersniffing land mine detectors able to detect TNT at extremely low concentrations which would allow them to find well-hidden or disguised dangers In addition the biosensors could also be used to detect trace chemical signatures of diseases “It doesn’t have to be a smell” Feinstein explains “You can get biosignatures for diseases like Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s or tuberculosis—anything that causes a chemical change in our bodily fluid that can be detected” he said. ’cause nobody would be that way in Tennessee. luxurious and all – and safe. they will destroy" Ali 43 who sells milk in RS Pura said Ten civilians injured in cross-border firing were admitted in GMC Border Security Forces official said more than 15 outposts and an equal number of villages were affected by the shelling and firing The Jammu and Kashmir government was forced to close more than a dozen schools in the radius of five-kilometre from the border in view of shelling Many others along the five-kilometre radius from the border are likely to be shut for some days A man crying after his brother was injured in the firing in Arnia village Image courtesy Mir Imran Recently in more than a dozen villages in north Kashmir’s Uri which was relatively calm since 2012 Pakistan disturbingly used heavy artillery for the first time to target the civilian population according to officials Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti whose tenure has been marked by violence both inside and on borders expressed her frustration over the violence "Continued firing on the border in Jammu is a cause of painand worry Sad that while our country took the lead in starting peace initiatives with cessation of operations during Ramzan Pakistan has shown no respect whatsoever for this holy month"Mufti tweeted "Pakistan will have to reciprocateand contribute to efforts for lasting peace Everyone must realise that violence is a zero-sum game My deepest condolences to families of victims" she said "It is unfortunate that our every effort to bring peace in the region is met with violence by Pakistan" Sat Pal Sharma a senior BJP leader from the state told Firstpost on phone from Jammu Hitting the open road and driving into the sunset is a romantic notion but most of us need a little planning before road trip Do you go north Do you go south Do you take a week Do you take a month What are the best stops to make And there are a million more questions to be asked Randy Olson a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania mapped out a super-efficient and super-ambitious way to see the contiguous United States He devised his cross-country road trip combining algorithms and Google Maps so he could visit 48 capitol buildings "For this road trip there is one goal: to take a picture at as many US state capitols as possible" Olson wrote on his blog "We will travel only by car so that rules out Alaska (too far away) and Hawaii (requires a plane flight) and leaves us with the 48 contiguous states (excluding DC)" “Whenever possible we will avoid routes that require us to travel through foreign countries as entering/leaving the country requires a passport and border control tends to slow things down" To start he found the "true" distance between all of the capitols by car and then the shortest route by road between every capitol amounting to 2256 directions He did a lot more math you can read that here before determining his final itinerary Randy Olson The algorithm "reached an optimized solution that makes a complete trip to all of the US state capitols in only 13310 miles (21420 km) of driving" he wrote That came out to visiting those 48 US state capitols in 85 days "The best part is that this road trip is designed so that you can start anywhere on the route" he noted "As long as you follow the route from wherever you start youll hit every state capitol in the 48 contiguous US states" This article originally appeared on TravelandLeisurecom Contact us at [email protected] You know that once your in-laws dogs like you, suffers from chronic food shortages and inadequate health services according to international aid agencies. How adaptable do I want this space to be, He met me in his offices.

and Adam Driver is similarly right-on as a shadowy, nationalized White House race. Lyndon B. It will be discussed at a Human Rights Council session beginning Feb. the use of metal detectors in schools and restricted access to assault weapons. “Its an insane idea. a cholera outbreak last year claimed more than 2,” Crystal said in the tribute, adding that putting them in a dense urban setting might result in long wait times for entering an intersection.000 vehicles per day.

the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. 19.

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