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Maybe only big ideas from President Obama can give birth to New Republicans and the revival of the country Competition works But if we treat every good big idea as dead on arrival then so are we We cannot allow that A more interdependent world desperately needs an America at its best For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ashameera Aiyappan | Chennai | Updated: August 22 2017 2:20 pm Top News Madras Day is celebrated every year on August 22 which is the city’s founding day In the year 1639 a sliver of land where St Fort George stands now was transacted on the same day by the East India Company Here is a list of songs that not just glorify the city and its inhabitants but also raise some very pertinent thoughts about its lifestyle and development 1 Madras Nalla Madras This iconic song from 1967 movie K Balachandar movie Anubavi Raja Anubavi is a classic thanks to the MSViswanathan’s catchy tune and Kannadasan’s descriptive lyrics Composed as a narrative vehicle the song was sung by the veteran TM Soundarajan One of the earliest songs about Madras it beautifully catches the ironies in city life Filmed on the lanes of Madras it has Nagesh charting his experience in the big city for the first time While it doesn’t glorify Madras Kannadasan’s lyrics aptly ask some thought provoking questions and points out the conundrums that every Chennaite would still be able to relate 2 Madras a suthi paka poren Surprisingly the next song to be explicitly about the city was “Madras a suthi pakaporen” in the 1994 film May Madham Composed by AR Rahman it is tough to miss this song when you think about the city Vairamuthu’s lyrics shine with humour and the song gives interesting insights to the Madras life with lines such as “Madrasin Hero Athu Metr Water Aanaa tylnaa Ipp Kudi Mineral Water” (The hero of Madras is Metro water but the style now is to drink mineral water) or “Cinema Paithiyam ndraal Madras Kaathal Paithiyam ndraal Madras” (Madras is for the movie addict Madras is for the lovers) 3 Vanakam vazha veikum chennai Another song from the tourist angle this song is a bit sinister when it comes to its description of the city Part of the 2012 film Marina directed by Pandiaraj it succinctly expresses the love/hate relationship that Chennaites have with the city; or which an outsider acquires when they come here; we crib about the city but long for it when we leave it Tamil Nadu has a popular tagline that outsiders might not know The city is described as ‘Vandharai vazha veikum Tamizhagam’ and Chennai is the best example you can get Girish G’s music brings late NaMuthukumar’s lyrics to life as it beautifully describes the journey of migrants in the city tamil or non-tamil from being an outsider to making Chennai their home 4 Chennai city gangsta Composed for the movie 2013 Vanakam Chennai this song has become the anthem for every young Chennaite Composed by Anirudh Ravichandran the lyrics were written by rappers Hard Kaur and Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi This is the song that Chennaites have ready in hand as an answer to our north Indians who crib about life in Chennai A tribute to an average youngster’s life in Chennai this track is incredibly popular even today 5 Enga ooru Madras Part of the 2014 film Madras’s soundtrack this song brought North Chennai back into cinematic narrative The movie which was itself shot extensively in North Madras earned a lot of accolades for its focus on that part of the city which had been reduced to mere stereotypes on screen With references to stage shows gaana patu football and politics the robust Chennai spirit in the song adds to Santhosh Narayanan’s music 6 Porambokku paadal Chennai is almost synonymous with Carnatic music And who said Carnatic can’t be contemporary A brilliant Carnatic piece sung by classical singer TMKrishna Kaber Vasuki’s lyrics question decisions that led to the infamous Chennai floods A political commentary on the city’s growth the song broke a very important musical shackle – using Carnatic music for contemporary issues which is how music was used in ancient times It was released as an independent song by the Vettiver collective For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 13 2017 3:17 am Shashi Tharoor Related News Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor who has landed in a controversy after a news channel released his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s murder tapes hit out at the “trial by media” at an event in Mumbai on Friday “In ancient times India put the falsely accused through agnipariksha trial by fire Today it puts its falsely accused through trial by media” said Tharoor in Mumbai as the chief guest at a media award function Tharoor also made an indirect reference to the news channel that aired 19 audio tapes in an alleged “expose” in the case “Sadly not everyone in the media values truth over TRPs I’ve had occasions to say in the past couple of days that it is the job of the media to be the witness of our society It is not the job of the media to be the prosecution the executioner and the judge rolled into one” he said The former diplomat said that media was a messenger which wielded power but was also bound by responsibility “Media is a mirror that exists not to flatter but to reveal what is lacking in our society which is flawed and must be corrected” said Tharoor at the first edition of South Asia Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender sensitivity He said that the media must break gender stereotypes and not reinforce them While the award has been around for a decade this is the first time the awards presented by Population First recognised the works of journalists from Pakistan Sri Lanka Nepal and MauritiusLubna Jerar Naqvi from Pakistan won but could not make it to the function In a video message she said her visa was not approved Nepal’s Ramkala Khadka Sri Lanka’s Dinitha Ratnayake and Mauritius’ Martine Luchmun collected their awards Feminist and poet Kamla Bhasin who was awarded the lifetime achievement award brought the JNU slogan of Azadi to Mumbai while accepting the award The award function recognised efforts of journalists advertisers and filmmakers for gender sensitivity in their work A Vicks ad featuring transgender single mother Gauri Sawant too was awarded Dr A L Sharada director of Population First said that the awards were a part of the organisation’s effort to take the discussion around gender to the mainstream For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: April 26 2014 8:29 am Seven years ago National Interest said that Narendra Modi would define the BJP’s future emerge as its unrivalled leader One year into UPA 2 it heard the silence of a prime minister Related News Seven years ago National Interest said that Narendra Modi would define the BJP’s future emerge as its unrivalled leader One year into UPA 2 it heard the silence of a prime minister The best of Shekhar Gupta’s weekly column — over 19 years — is being released on Monday April 28 A selection of the pieces from the book (HarperCollins Publishers India and Express Book Series) that foreshadowed the big changes IF MODI WINS ON SUNDAY Stage set for ultimate Sonia versus Modi battle If he loses the RSS he defied will get back Either way wait for the rise of a new politics December 22 2007 If Modi wins on Sunday the stage will be set for an ultimate Modi versus Sonia battle even if Advani continues to be the BJP’s shadow prime minister Modi will then be the key campaigner His kind of politics his style of mobilisation his cryptographic saffronism and even his short-sleeved kurtas will then define the BJP campaigns in subsequent general elections In the long run too he will emerge as Rahul Gandhi’s main challenger He will unite against himself the parties that need the Muslim votes thereby strengthening any Congress-led coalition He will put under great strain the members of any BJP-led coalition particularly those that still value Muslim votes Nitish Kumar is a key example Even his worst critics won’t deny that if he wins on Sunday he will pretty much define the agenda for national politics in the future… Modi’s rise will completely change the form style substance and essence of the BJP’s politics In the 1990s at Ayodhya Advani had given his party a certain direction Modi’s rise will now mean that the use-by date on that politics is over Most interestingly he will change the second factor too He may be an icon of aggressive Hindutva but Modi has emerged as the first BJP leader ever to defy the RSS He has not deferred to them He has in fact defied them He has even denied RSS boys and sympathisers the power of making money on the side something they consider their entitlement in BJP states The RSS and VHP are now returning the compliment by boycotting his campaign If Modi wins he will also be the first BJP leader ever to win in defiance of and despite the VHP and RSS So come Sunday you will see the rise of a new politics one way or the other AND THEN THERE WERE NINE That’s the number of states which hold the key to who will rule the Centre So farewell national leaders welcome regional winners May 24 2008 National elections are now no longer “national” in the conventional sense but a net result of elections in different states In a rapidly fragmenting vote base a national election can now be more aptly compared to a best-of-nine-sets tennis match The coalition that wins five of these nine will take the match and the gaddi of Dilli These nine “sets” are: Uttar Pradesh Bihar Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu Rajasthan Karnataka and Kerala Together these nine states (or sets in our mythical tennis match) represent 351 seats in a House of 543 And while there are other large states like West Bengal Gujarat and Orissa we are not considering them because there radical change is unlikely The nine on our list are states that can and usually do go one way or the other decisively The national party or coalition that can win five of these nine can be nearly sure of bagging power for its coalition since this by itself will give it a tally of nearly 200 overall In fact if one of the coalitions wins a clear victory in five of these nine it will be almost unassailable THE RURBAN MIND The village and the city are increasingly thinking alike The Congress trapped in the old ignores this idea of a new India May 31 2008 Increasingly now numbers as well as political clout are moving from villages to cities In any case being more exposed to the media and other elements of change cities are influencing the political agenda in villages as well… more and more villages are now thinking like cities Or more accurately this is because cities and villages are increasingly thinking alike because India’s political landscape is also being “rurbanised” The national party that acknowledges this least of all is the Congress It has a deep anti-urban bias You can understand the alienation leaders like Lalu or Mulayam feel with cities as urban areas breed anonymity of caste language and ethnicity currency of their politics Cities are by definition much too diverse to support their kind of narrow vote-bank politics But why the Congress\ Almost all its leaders attributed their 2004 victory to Declining Bharat’s revolt against BJP’s Shining India One look at the figures would trash that The BJP in fact retained the majority of its rural seats but was wiped out in the cities Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Chennai Hyderabad were all swept by the Congress or the allies… This is what made the difference in May 2004 a revolt of the cities against the NDA not villages as the Congress persuaded itself to believe Because of this confusion instead of sending thank-you cards to the cities the Congress started to punish them In its desperation to find favour for its rural schemes it has strangled the urban voter with new taxes and cesses on goods services salaries even stock options FIXERPRENEURSHIP It thrives under UPA 2 — and is punished by the market September 1 2012 This decade of commodity and property price boom has seen the rise of a new generation of businessmen or rather fixerpreneurs with the unique talent and connections to work on that most lucrative cusp of finance politics and natural resources Many of these quickly got listed on the stock markets in boom times and kept leveraging their balance sheets as if the train would never stop But the underlying asset value was not that of their brands or products but of land banks political connections mining leases and in one specific case telecom spectrum That heady success story the markets have now sorted out and brutally so… The economy and markets have floundered not because UPA 2 is pro- or anti-business but because it has been so hypocritical about the private sector Because of the Congress’s internal political and ideological conflicts UPA 2 decided to generally avoid even being seen in public with entrepreneurial India while indeed working closely with them behind closed doors It resulted in yet another fascinating contradiction: at an institutional and a policy level Indian business has never been as uninfluential since 1991 as it is now Yet at “operative” levels many of them have been able to work with government and the political class THE HMT ADVANTAGE From Kapil to Kalpana Karnal to Cape Canaveral: Hail the rise of middle India February 15 2003 The rise of Kalpana [Chawla] is one more example of the arrival of the new small-town modestly brought up but ambitious hard-as-nails Indian to the forefront For want of another label let’s call this Indian the Hindi Medium Type (HMT in short) The label is not to be taken literally It doesn’t necessarily mean that this Indian should have gone only to a Hindi-medium school It is also synonymous with small-town India the dehati local or desi anybody who would have been considered an outsider in the upper-crust power structure till the other day… Also please do not celebrate the rise of the HMTs in a fit of boulder-on-the-shoulder liberal piety or as a revenge of the Bharatiya underclass on Macaulay Celebrate it for the larger message it brings that the system of upper-class patronage that the British built and institutions left behind by them is now unravelling under this assault of middle India Further it is being broken not by legislation executive order ideological Indianisation Dr Murli Manohar Joshi’s end-of history textbooks or any constitutional amendments It is happening because of forces beyond our control Forces of free market globalisation of our minds worldwide competition and worldwide opportunity access to the finest universities the best employers in the world who do not care about which school you went to or your English diction as long as your SAT scores were better than that of the others Nor who your father or your uncle was It is not a perfectly fair situation yet — it never is even in the most free economies But the process is natural inevitable has a momentum of its own and is very much part of the larger medley of change: decentralisation of power rise of the new rich urbanisation and access to opportunity far beyond the charmed circle somebody’s parents gifted him THEM VERSUS THEM Why there’s a deepening divide between the two elites ruling and governing January 5 2013 Let us call one the India of ruling elites and the other of governing elites Governing elites are the political and bureaucratic classes the judiciary the conventional (or rather institutional) intelligentsia and media police and armed forces The ruling elites on the other hand are the economically “arrived” Indians outside of the sarkari system The businessmen new professionals particularly from IT and banking the EMI-powered young double-income community and of course the conventional old rich and offspring of earlier generations of governing elites NRI returnees and modern foreign foundation-fuelled activists These ruling elites and our traditional governing elites now have so little in common so little shared ground that they have begun to look like two sovereign and hostile republics… Today the ruling classes have nothing to share with their governing counterparts except contempt and anger Their children pass their plus-two at the best schools which are now factories that mass-produce fee-paying Indian students for foreign undergraduate colleges… These children return from college more or less alien to their country and its “system” and join their parents’ expanding world of non-governmental power elites Their social and professional circles are mostly PLU where almost every other Indian they come across security guards drivers cooks and domestic servants taxi-men even policemen are all bhaiyyas… And this bhaiyya is usually sorted out with some cash As the rest of the government must be Then they compare this rotten governance with what they experience overseas… And what about the governing elites They have internalised the belief that all their problems all the ills they are blamed for are nothing but the imagination of these greedy unreasonable illiberal arrogant new Indians whom they dismiss as the non-voting class But when these non-voters arrive at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar or Mumbai’s Azad Maidan they don’t know how to deal with them… Over the past decade the governing classes have built a fortress The ruling elites conscious of their new power now are determined to smash its gates It is for the former now to throw open the gates instead and accept the new reality Or condemn itself to a permanent siege ONE DYNASTY DIMMING The Gandhi family can’t swing India — and can’t challenge rising regional families February 23 2013 Dynastic politics is now on the decline yet has acquired deeper roots Dynastic hold on India’s politics has weakened and strengthened at the same time These conflicting cross-currents have brought about a fundamental shift in our politics They have hurt the Congress most of all Ask any Congress leaders who contest elections (unlike its star cast of privileged Rajya Sabha-ists) and they will admit to you albeit in whispers and fearfully glancing left and right that the days when the Gandhi family could win them their seats are over Only those who nurse their constituencies or have local caste-based or family vote banks win their seats Of course it helps if the Gandhis visit to campaign because that endorses them within the party Otherwise their ability to win seats beyond the Amethi-Rae Bareli enclave has diminished to insignificance… Dynasties — at least 15 of them politically significant — have risen in key electoral zones Each one of these now has a strong proprietary vote bank and total ownership of its party A pan-national dynasty no longer has the ability to breach these fortresses From the Abdullahs in Kashmir Badals in Punjab Mulayam Singh in Uttar Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu and Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu Gowdas in Karnataka Thackerays and Pawars in Maharashtra Lalu in Bihar to Naveen Patnaik in Orissa and Sangmas in distant Meghalaya all represent dynasties that may be limited by geography but cannot be challenged by a national party… Inability to counter the rise of these dynasties is the Congress party’s biggest failure This is the greatest game-changer in our politics Each one of these dynasties is represented by a strong local leader who has tasted and exercised elected power Each one has learnt the art of leveraging his regional power to grab a share of the national pie Each has also learnt that real clout and money are now in the states IS ANYBODY THERE Hard to make out between a silent PM and his cross-talking party August 14 2010 How would you describe the UPA 2 government as one that talks too little or one that talks too much Stumped Don’t blame yourself It is indeed a bit of both Except that the parts of it that should be talking are so exasperatingly quiet and the parts that should keep their mouths shut cannot stop blabbering The result is a government that looks one of the most chaotic and internally divided in our history First the parts of UPA 2 that are not talking Certainly the prime minister isn’t… India’s prime minister is not some kind of technocratic head of administration Whatever the nature and background of the person occupying the job it is essentially a deeply political one and is never insulated from public opinion and vice versa Just as no political arrangement whatever its peculiarities should ever undermine or weaken the position of its prime minister no prime minister can afford to go into such a long phase of silence… This remarkable conspiracy of silence and noise has created problems for many of the key issues today Does the government have a policy on Maoists or does Chidambaram have one with others holding different views Does this government have a bad conscience on Bhopal and if so why Does it have a coherent plan on Kashmir besides systematic waffling Has it dumped the Commonwealth Games and distanced itself from Kalmadi or does it have a plan to save them Who speaks to whom to bring back some coherence when the foreign minister gives the home secretary a ticking off in serial interviews on TV What conclusion do you draw when so many cabinet members indulge in the game of Honey I Shrank Montek (read Manmohan) EARS WIDE SHUT The UPA still doesn’t get it; cities will stand up to ask for more you can’t switch off December 29 2012 This is about a public transport-using ordinary but aspirational and modern Indian and not some “dented and painted” clubbing stereotype of an 18th-century mind She is what this is about first of all… You can either wait for the rest of us to become more “mature” or meanwhile learn to deal in real time with such challenges that will now continue to rise You do not expect Manmohan Singh to do an Obama wiping his tears after the Connecticut school massacre But didn’t the entire Congress have anybody just one leader to show some empathy… And why do these outbreaks happen only in Delhi Because India’s most improved city is also necessarily India’s most aspirational Also the most impatient and unforgiving And it is the home of the national media particularly news television Some of us have been arguing that in cynically finessing rural against urban the UPA has dangerously alienated the cities in a rapidly urbanising India in spite of the fact that most of them voted for it overwhelmingly twice Yet if the UPA’s arrogant and delusional message has been our voters live in distant villages so you city folk go fend for yourselves it is being made to pay for it The cities particularly Delhi have found a new voice Television and social media are their new megaphones and force multipliers You can’t survive in denial of this new reality Nor can you squash it If you do not upgrade your cities modernise your governance scale up schooling colleges jobs housing public transport policing more and more of this will happen THE GREAT INDIAN HIJACK It began with the NAC — and now five characters in fancy dress have brought the government to bended knee June 4 2011 The way UPA 2 has lost authority or what is better described in a wonderful Urdu word that defies fair translation iqbal can only be called dramatic… We must junk all pretences and face the truth The original blunder of outsourcing law-making and governance is the Congress party’s It invented the totally subversive and extra-constitutional idea of the NAC consisting of “civil society” activists and functioning as a super cabinet Just like the Anna Hazare group this consists of people incapable of ever being elected All we do not know is if Sonia’s civil society dudes are also as contemptuous of elections as Anna’s But the principle was no different You need men and women of integrity from “outside” the system not “tainted” by dirty politics to keep an eye on a government of wretched politicians even if led by an honest man You need the NAC to make sure power does not go to even his head and also to keep him off balance by attacking his government and policies and continuing to throw one idiotic law after another in his court Why blame Anna Hazare when it is the Congress party itself that outsourced law-making to its darbari jholawalas… Laws apart the idea of putting a non-governmental watch over your own government undermines the very idea of elected constitutional democracy and the cue is being taken everywhere By new Anna Hazares and Ramdevs and by Congressmen all over the country OUT WITH OUR RAGE Corruption denies a level playing field so basic to the idea of the new aspirational India June 11 2011 If our people have moved so firmly away from the politics of grievance to the politics of aspiration they will also not accept day-to-day corruption as a normal chalta hai part of life Second aspirational people have higher self-esteem so they are also less willing to swallow the daily humiliations they face wherever there is an interface with the government whether to get a driving licence passport income tax refund admission in a Central school decent college for your children hospital bed for your old parents and so on One of the more profound statements Rahul Gandhi made some time ago (at the Congress’s Burari plenary in December) was the way he defined the aam aadmi: one who is left out of the system who has neither the contacts to manoeuvre his way through it nor the cash to pay his way out of it It is a different matter that his own party’s government and its hallowed NAC have done nothing to ease the pain of the same aam aadmi squandering money energy and political capital behind populist yojanas and laws instead That aam aadmi is out on the street now with the cry of “enough”… The recent burst of scams particularly 2G and CWG is playing in 2011 the role VP Singh played in 1989 by confirming the aam aadmi’s suspicions And if these scams are the new VP Singh in a manner of speaking the media is their new megaphone Those coming out on the street in Delhi’s 44-degree heat are not doing so because they have done any fine reading of Team Anna’s Lokpal bill or because they believe it will eradicate all corruption or that Baba Ramdev’s campaign will bring “400 lakh crore” rupees of black money from foreign banks They are coming out because they are angry they are finding no redress not even the hope or promise of reform For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 4 2017 7:35 pm Vicky Kaushal is likely to star opposite Alia Bhatt in Meghna Gulzar’s next film Calling Sehmat Related News Actor Vicky Kaushal is likely to star opposite Alia Bhatt in Meghna Gulzar’s next film based on Harinder Sikka’s book Calling Sehmat After her critically acclaimed film Talvar Meghna is working on her next project based on Sikka’s book The film will apparently revolve around a Kashmiri woman married to an Army officer across the border who provides Indian intelligence with invaluable information during the 1971 Indo-Pak war “He (Vicky) is in talks for the film with Alia The film needed a performer like him But we are yet to sign on dotted lines and figure out the dates and other things” sources close to the project told PTI The yet-to-be-titled film will be jointly produced by Junglee Pictures and Dharma Productions and is likely to go on floors by next month The Masaan actor is currently working on Sanjay Dutt biopic directed by Rajkumar Hirani If everything goes smoothly this will be the first time Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal will be sharing the screens Alia who recently delivered a successful hit in 2017 with Badrinath Ki Dulhania has now signed up for two projects Gully Boy opposite Ranveer Singh which will be directed by Zoya Akhtar and Ayan Mukherji’s dragon where she will be working with Ranbir Kapoor She will be working with both Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor for the first time in a movie in her upcoming projects Vicky Kaushal was also seen in Anurag Kashyap’s film Raman Raghav 20 He had also featured in one of the AIB videos that mocked Bollywood’s culture of objectifying women For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by AGKrishnamenon | Published: April 7 2012 1:00 am Related News Conservation can be used to tackle problems of urban planning As a societywe proudly proclaim our ancient heritage but unfortunatelywhen confronted with the imperatives of conserving itwe prevaricate for one reason or another For exampleINTACH is assisting the government of Delhi in preparing an application to UNESCO to nominate Delhi as a World Heritage Citya largely celebratory exercisebut the project is encountering surprising opposition Typicallycritics warn?two coaches at the international terminal 2BC and two coaches at the domestic terminals 1A and 1B will be deployed to transport passengers to Vile Parle and Andheri railway stations. 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