Merrill scores 24; Utah State beats Fresno State 71-59

first_imgFebruary 15, 2020 /Sports News – Local Merrill scores 24; Utah State beats Fresno State 71-59 Tags: Mountain West/Sam Merrill/Utah State Aggies Basketball Written by Associated Press FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailFRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Sam Merrill scored 24 points to lead Utah State to a 71-59 victory over Fresno State.Justin Bean added 15 points and 11 rebounds for Utah State, which has won seven of its last eight games. Diogo Brito had 10 points.Noah Blackwell had 13 points for Fresno State, which has lost three of four. Nate Grimes added 11 points and 10 rebounds.The Aggies never trailed. Fresno State pulled to 45-44 with 10:47 to play but didn’t get closer.last_img

What is the best way to decarbonise the heating network in the UK?

first_imgCould heat pumps be the best option to decarbonise the UK heating network?As part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ten-point plan for a “green industrial revolution” that was released in November 2020, the government said it is aiming to make the nation’s homes, schools and hospitals “greener, warmer and more energy efficient”.It claims this process will create up to 50,000 jobs by 2030, with a target in place to install 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028 – a statement that could suggest electrification is leading the race as the preferred technology for the future of heating.“If you burn gas in your boiler, per kilowatt-hour you emit 205 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent of gas,” says Jan Rosenow, director of European programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project.“Over the past decade, gas used to be quite clean compared to electricity, but now electricity has become so clean because of all the renewables, and using electricity makes a lot more sense than gas.”Although heat pumps offer clear advantages to consumers and policymakers, the associated costs could prove a stumbling block in any attempt to rollout the technology at scale (Credit: Shutterstock/Alexxxey)A heat pump not only converts electricity to heat, it also uses electricity to extract heat from the air or the ground, providing between three to five units of heat – depending on its efficiency – for one unit of electricity.“In energy terms, you’re using about a third or a quarter of what you would use in gas and, because it has a lower emissions intensity, you have massive carbon savings straight away – that’s why heat pumps are so attractive,” says Rosenow.With the nation’s electricity grid becoming greener year-on-year and emissions expected to fall further over the coming years, households can secure “massive” energy and cost savings by converting to a heat pump, adds Rosenow.By operating a system efficiently with a heat pump and taking advantage of time of use tariffs – when electricity is cheaper outside of peak hours – consumers can use as much as 60% less energy than a gas boiler and reduce their bills substantially. IndustryWith industrial heating processes accounting for about 14% of the UK’s emissions, it is a sector that requires action.While the jury’s out on hydrogen’s role in domestic heating, industry is an area where it could yet come to the fore.With some manufacturers using high temperatures and others requiring a flame to come into contact with products, Taylor says it would be “hard to electrify” such sectors because it’s difficult to achieve the required temperatures.He believes that’s where replacing gas with hydrogen “can be very useful because it could offer a route to decarbonising those bits of industry that’s hard from other routes”. He adds that hydrogen is “certainly a good option for heavy industry” because if you can figure out a way to decarbonise that industry directly then that could be “very beneficial”.Working with industry, the UK government’s ten-point plan is aiming to generate 5 gigawatts (GW) of low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 for industry, transport, power and homes – and plans to develop the first town heated entirely by hydrogen by the end of the decade.But, with energy efficiency methods and plans in place to rapidly increase the number of heat pump installations, Rosenow says the UK should “focus full speed ahead on energy efficiency and electrification” over the next 10 years.“Yes, do some research on hydrogen and do pilot projects, but it’s a big bet to say hydrogen will solve our problems in 2040 and then not do anything in the meantime. I think that would be irresponsible.” The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that globally, about half of all energy consumption is used to provide heat, mainly for homes and industry.Heating currently accounts for more than a third of Britain’s CO2 emissions, with 85% of homes heated by natural gas and just 5% using low-carbon alternatives.According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), estimated emissions from the nation’s residential sector fell by just 17% between 1990 and 2019 – an emissions reduction that is not compatible with the net-zero ambitions for 2050.There have been various suggestions on the best pathway to decarbonise heating, whether it be electrification, low-carbon gas or hybrid models, but no firm commitment has as yet been made on future plans to reduce the industry’s emissions. Costs associated with heat pumps could be a stumbling blockAlthough heat pumps offer clear advantages to consumers and policymakers, the associated costs could prove a stumbling block in any attempt to rollout the technology at scale.The purchase and installation of an air-source heat pump currently costs between £8,000-£18,000 ($11,000-$25,000), while a ground source heat pump can vary from £13,000-£35,000 ($18,000-$48,000) depending on the size of the system. The purchase and installation of a new boiler tends to cost about £1,400-£3,500 ($1,800-$4,800).“There’s no reason why heat pumps need to be so expensive,” says Rosenow. “The only reason is because the market is currently small and hasn’t had enough innovation and enough uptake.”About 1.6 million gas boilers are installed each year in Britain compared to just 22,000 heat pumps – but about one million heat pumps would need to be installed annually until 2050 to reach the UK’s net-zero target.In a potential bid to bridge the costs and installation gap, the government made a tentative step to encourage more homeowners to install heat pumps in its summer 2020 economic statement.Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a £3bn ($4.1bn) energy efficiency plan for homes and public buildings, with £1bn ($1.4bn) set aside to make public sector buildings greener and £2bn ($2.7bn) worth of grants for homeowners to make “green” upgrades. Heat pumps were listed as one potential measure.Key to getting the most out of a heat pump and ensuring houses are properly heated is ensuring they are well insulated.But this is far from a given in the UK, which has some of the leakiest homes in Europe. Sunak’s energy efficiency plan aimed to help tackle this problem with a £2bn green homes grant that began in September last year and runs until 31 March 2022.The initiative provides vouchers for homeowners and landlords to cover at least two-thirds of the costs of insulation and other necessary energy-efficiency measures.For every £1 ($1.37) consumers spend on energy efficiency, the grant provides at least £2 ($2.74) to cover the costs, with up to £5,000 ($6,800) available per household. Some lower-income households can get the full costs of their housing refits paid up to a value of £10,000 ($13,700).In addition to government support, Rosenow says the UK could follow the example of countries such as Sweden, which have opted to make fossil heating more expensive by implementing a carbon tax on gas.Another option could be to impose a regulatory backstop preventing households replacing a broken fossil heating system with another, with loans or grants to help lower-income households replace an old boiler with a renewable alternative. What role does hydrogen have to play?ResidentialOver the past few years, gas companies have made it clear that they believe hydrogen has a role to play and that it could be a better solution to decarbonising the UK’s heating network compared to heat pumps.There are currently various pilot projects ongoing to test whether you can repurpose the existing gas network to run 100% hydrogen through them for district heating.The Iron Mains Replacement Programme has been about reducing risks from having old Victorian gas pipes and replacing them with modern pipes.DNV GL principal consultant Corin Taylor says the advantage to modern pipes is that they are polyethylene, rather than metal, meaning they could “transport hydrogen without the pipes becoming all embrittled”.Over the past few years, gas companies have made it clear that they believe hydrogen has a role to play in decarbonising the UK’s heating network (Credit: Shutterstock/Glenmore)There are also hydrogen boilers being developed, with safety tests conducted in homes to see how they could be implemented – something Taylor believes is “potentially quite an attractive option because all you’d really have to do in the home is change the boiler”.But Paul Voss, managing director at Euroheat and Power says it’s “really just gas dressed up in new clothes”. “I think it’s completely crazy and deeply irresponsible to even talk about heating homes with hydrogen,” he adds.Voss believes if the UK is serious about decarbonising heating, it needs a combination of mostly heat pumps and district heating. He says that with a district heating network there is an “economy of scale” and when you have the density that you get in the city, with lots of buildings close together, it “makes sense to use a network”.Outside of cities, Voss doesn’t see a way around heat pumps becoming the “new boiler”. He claims it’s the “quickest and cheapest way” to decarbonise heat and, although that “doesn’t mean it’s going to be quick or cheap”, he doesn’t see an easier alternative.He points to the Nordic countries as an example, with heat “essentially decarbonised in Finland, Sweden and Denmark” using a combination of heat pumps and district heating.Centrica has confirmed that hydrogen is “part of the mix”, but admitted the technology is more than 10 years away from domestic use and that its costs are unknown.“That’s the biggest gas supplier in the UK and, if they say that, we can’t have hydrogen feeding UK homes in 2025 – it’s a fantasy,” says Rosenow.center_img There have been various suggestions on the best pathway to decarbonise heating, whether it be electrification, low-carbon gas or hybrid models (Credit: Shutterstock/Alhim) Plotting a path to decarbonise the heating network in the UK has been earmarked as one of the key steps in reaching the nation’s net-zero emissions target for 2050. Here, James Murray speaks to experts about the decarbonisation challenges ahead and the best available technologies for the industry. Are hybrid heat pumps an option?A hybrid heat pump system – where a smaller heat pump manages heat for 85% of the time but switches to a gas boiler during colder periods – has been touted as a potential option.Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, has confirmed its near-term domestic focus will be on hybrid heat pumps as the best route to reducing emissions and providing “better customer outcomes”.British Gas is currently conducting a two-year trial of the technology in 75 homes, where it is subsidising the £10,000 installation costs of the hybrid heat pumps, before it will later offer them to households for about a third of that price.Rosenow believes it’s right to test out hybrid heat pumps, but this should only be where there isn’t potential for 100% electrification.About 1.5 million properties have no connection to the gas grid and it would be “prohibitively expensive just to have a hybrid system in place”, he says. New buildings are “efficient enough” to have heat pumps and shouldn’t require hybrid systems, adds Rosenow. Heating currently accounts for more than a third of Britain’s CO2 emissions, with 85% of homes heated by natural gas and just 5% using low-carbon alternativeslast_img read more

US Navy Orders Ship Self-Defense Hardware

first_img Share this article DRS Technologies Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, announced that the US Navy has awarded the company access to a $31.8 million indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to provide command and control hardware products for the service’s Ship Self-Defense System Mark 2 (SSDS), used on Navy aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. View post tag: aircraft carriers View post tag: orders View post tag: Naval View post tag: ship Authorities View post tag: News by topic View post tag: amphibious assault ships SSDS is a ship-borne battle management system that integrates elements of other combat systems to provide a flexible detect-control-engage capability that meets a ship’s self-defense and tactical situational awareness requirements. It can defend against surface and airborne threats, including low-flying cruise missiles.The command and control hardware, including interface and networking devices, peripheral systems, displays and processors, integrates radars and other sensors with weapons systems to protect the carriers and amphibious ships from attack.The system, installed on all classes of aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships, also supports secondary mission areas, including fleet support operations and search and rescue operations.“DRS has a long heritage of supporting the U.S. Navy and is proud to provide our technology to protect our carriers and amphibious ships, especially as the Navy broadens its stated focus in the Pacific region,” said William J. Lynn, CEO of DRS Technologies and Finmeccanica North America and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense.DRS is experienced at building low-cost, high-quality, mission-essential equipment for harsh naval environments. Under this contract, DRS is expected to provide hardware production, assembly, configuration, alignment, integration, testing and shipping of the SSDS hardware. The work will be performed at DRS facilities in Chesapeake, Virginia and Johnstown, Pennsylvania through 2017.DRS’s Laurel Technologies business was awarded access to the contract from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.[mappress]Press Release, September 11, 2014; Image: US Navycenter_img View post tag: US Navy US Navy Orders Ship Self-Defense Hardware Back to overview,Home naval-today US Navy Orders Ship Self-Defense Hardware September 11, 2014 View post tag: Hardware View post tag: Navy View post tag: Self-Defense View post tag: americaslast_img read more

Adjunct Faculty Organizational Leadership: Portfolio Management

first_imgThe Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) division seeks non-tenuretrack adjunct faculty to develop and teach 485.XXX PortfolioManagement for online delivery within the MA inOrganizational Leadership program. Online course development isscheduled from January 2021 to May 2021 for the Summer 2021semester delivery. The course will run from June 2021 to August2021. Candidates with online course development and teachingexperience and those with experience teaching and engaging studentsfrom diverse backgrounds are of particular interest.COURSE DESCRIPTION705 .XXX PortfolioManagementPortfolio management aligns the selection, prioritization andcontrol of an organization’s projects and programs to theorganization’s strategic objectives and capacity to deliver. Thiscourse will examine the process of portfolio management inorganizations and its relationship to projects and programs.Students learn to construct optimal portfolio(s) for anorganization that manage risk effectively while supportingstrategic operations, change management and sustainability. Theconcepts and principles of project portfolio maturity (PPM) modelsare evaluated and applied to ensure strengthening organizationalcapability for successful divestiture and allocation of resources.Through the use of case studies and hands-on assignments, studentswill master the foundations of portfolio management in order tomaximize their leadership skills for successful projects andprograms in organizations.Minimum Qualifications: The position will remain open until filled.Candidates must submit the following: The selected candidate will be expected to undergo a backgroundcheck and to submit proof of educational attainment.Submit your application online only at https://apply.interfolio.comusing the” Apply Now” button.The Johns Hopkins University is committed to equal opportunity forits faculty, staff, and students. To that end, the university doesnot discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, marital status,pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age,disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity orexpression, veteran status or other legally protectedcharacteristic. The university is committed to providing qualifiedindividuals access to all academic and employment programs,benefits and activities on the basis of demonstrated ability,performance and merit without regard to personal factors that areirrelevant to the program involved.The successful candidate(s) for this position will be subject to apre-employment background check.If you are interested in applying for employment with The JohnsHopkins University and require special assistance or accommodationduring any part of the pre-employment process, please contact theHR Business Services Office at [email protected] For TTYusers, call via Maryland Relay or dial 711.The following additional provisions may apply depending on whichcampus you will work. Your recruiter will adviseaccordingly.During the Influenza (“the flu”) season, as a condition ofemployment, The Johns Hopkins Institutions require all employeeswho provide ongoing services to patients or work in patient care orclinical care areas to have an annual influenza vaccination orpossess an approved medical or religious exception. Failure to meetthis requirement may result in termination of employment.The pre-employment physical for positions in clinical areas,laboratories, working with research subjects, or involvingcommunity contact requires documentation of immune status againstRubella (German measles), Rubeola (Measles), Mumps, Varicella(chickenpox), Hepatitis B and documentation of having received theTdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccination. This may includedocumentation of having two (2) MMR vaccines; two (2) Varicellavaccines; or antibody status to these diseases from laboratorytesting. Blood tests for immunities to these diseases areordinarily included in the pre-employment physical exam except forthose employees who provide results of blood tests or immunizationdocumentation from their own health care providers. Anyvaccinations required for these diseases will be given at no costin our Occupational Health office.Equal Opportunity EmployerNote: Job Postings are updated daily and remain online untilfilled.EEO is the LawLearn more: legal information Preferred Qualifications: An advanced degree in Organizational Leadership or ina relevant field, such as management, organizationalpsychology, business, political science, or sociology, with amaster’s degree at minimumFive years professional work experience within therelevant fields Cover letterCurriculum vitaeTeaching evaluations for three most recently taughtcourses, if applicant has teaching experience.References upon request A terminal degree in Organizational Leadership or in arelevant field, such as management, organizational psychology,business, political science, or sociology1-3 years of graduate level teaching experienceOnline course development and teaching experienceThe background to teach a wide variety of courses inOrganizational Leadership.last_img read more

Student wins prestigious art prize

first_imgA recent Oxford Fine Arts graduate has won a prestigious contemporary art prize from the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4.Jack Stanton, 24, who graduated this year with a BFA from the University’s Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, was awarded the New Sensations Prize, which is open to all BA or MA students graduating in a particular year from a UK or Republic of Ireland art school, for work he was asked to produce as one of four finalists in the competition. In addition to a gallery showing of the winning artist’s work, the prize brings with it a cash award, the amount of which is not made public.First awarded in 2007, the New Sensations Prize is known by some as the “baby Turner Prize,” a reference to the highly influential Turner Prize, winners of which include contemporary art heavyweights Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoor. New Sensations’ promoters bill their award as “the most important annual prize for emerging artists” in the UK.Stanton’s winning entry featured an installation called “The Personality Agreement,” in which different “morsels” of sampled video were shown on two large screens while original music by Stanton played alongside. The eight-minute “operetta” explores what the artist sees as contradictory representations of adolescence in the mass media.In another video made for the project, Stanton explains his process: “I approach my artwork with the mindset of a pop musician… Usually I gather an array of imagery from found material, then I zoom in to isolate whatever it is that interests me, searching for moments that function independently of their origins [and reveal] something of the inner workings of our digital reality… in a camp, dumb sort of way.”The artist told Cherwell he was pleasantly surprised at his win. “I think virtually everyone in my 3rd year at The Ruskin applied for New Sensations after our degree show,” he said. “Its just something you’re encouraged to do. … I had no expectation of getting through to the long-list, let alone getting a bursary to make new work for the show.”Elizabeth Price, a fellow of Lady Margaret Hall and Stanton’s tutor during his final year at the Ruskin said she was “delighted, but not unduly surprised” by the news. “I thought he had an exciting future in the profession,” she said. “This high profile Prize confirms his great potential, and will bring him many exciting opportunities to publicly fulfil. It’s great for the Ruskin too – as it builds our reputation as an art school generating innovative, experimental contemporary art.”Current Ruskin fine artists expressed admiration at Stanton’s achievement, and cited the School as a source of inspiration and encouragement. “Jack Stanton won because he deserved to win and because he was encouraged to win,” said Irina Iordache, a second-year fine artist at Christ Church, “That’s what the Ruskin does for you: it constantly pushes you outside your comfort zone; it makes you want to give your best.”Stanton also praised the Ruskin School’s approach. “I think the two most valuable things that the school offers are the freedom to explore whatever avenue a student wishes to take, and that this work is then taken so seriously by the tutors,” he said.The shortlist for the prize, which was revealed in late September and included 20 candidates, included three other recent graduates of the Ruskin school in addition to Stanton: Rhea Storr, James Cross and Finbar Ward. Ruskin graduates made up twenty percent of the shortlisted candidates.Stanton is currently working on developing a two-person frisbee game with Ward, the court for which they are building in the basement of the Cock ’n’ Bull Gallery, Shoreditch.last_img read more


first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE the  City of Evansville General Fund showed a balance of $5,946,049 as of December 31, 2015?  … the General Fund should have shown a deficit balance of $11,886,084 as of December 31, 2015?  … the Wastewater Utility account was prepaid the 2016 payment in lieu of taxes payment totaling $1,400,000?  …the City did not pay the General fund’s portion of hospitalization bills for the 2rd quarter of 2015 totaling $3,932,133?  ….In December of 2015, the City improperly transferred $12,500,000 from the Riverboat Fund into the General Fund originating from the advancement of Tropicana lease payments to be paid in the future?  … the Riverboat Funds were improperly deposited in the General Fund without City Council official approval?IS IT TRUE  last week we were talking with a group of veteran Sheriff Office employees and they told us that  since Sheriff Wedding has taking over the helm morale has drastically improved?  …they also told us that Sheriff Wedding is a hands on leader who is extremely down to earth?  …we find Sheriff Wedding an extremely likable and down to earth person?IS IT TRUE that Cuba holds one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8%?IS IT TRUE that Cuba reportedly had over 150 nuclear weapons at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis?IS IT TRUE it’s time for “GUNS AND HOSES “ event  to begin?  ….we strongly urge you to purchase a ticket to this extremely worthwhile charitable event?IS IT TRUE that a political sign placed on the State-Right -Away located on the Lloyd Expressway next to Harrison High School was removed by the State Transportation Highway officials yesterday?   …this political sign belonged to Vanderburgh County Commissioner candidate Alex Schmitt?  …we look forward to see if the City Engineering Department will stop playing political games and demand that Mr. Schmitt remove his other political sign located on the City right way on the corner Newburgh and Lincoln Ave on the Eastside?IS IT TRUE we would like to point out that Rev Adrian Brooks was not reappointed to the Police Merit Commission Board because of his age but the President of the United States of America invited him and his grand children to the annual White House Easter Egg hunt in Washington DC this weekend?IS IT TRUE despite not having much access to the internet, Cubans are a smart bunch. In fact, there are so many doctors in Cuba they’re often sent to other countries that have a shortage. The country has 90,000 of them to serve its population of 11 million. That’s eight for every 1,000 citizens – which according to the World Bank is more than double the rate in the US (2.5) and the UK (2.7)?IS IT TRUE we would like to thank Whitney Riggs the Director of Public Relations for the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office for sending us important news about the happening of that department? We also feel that Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann is doing an outstanding job.IS IT TRUE we have a monster IS IT TRUE planned for this Monday’s March 28, 2016?  …we wish you a wonderful Easter Weekend?IS IT TRUE our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Monday?Please take time and read our newest feature article entitled “HOT JOBS” posted in this section are from Evansville proper.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us [email protected] “Readers Poll” question is:  What primary are you planning to vote in?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Press release: International Trade Secretary travels to Gulf promoting investment and British businesses

first_imgGulf countries are strong investors in the UK and this visit will focus on driving further investment and opening up new opportunities for British businesses in the 2 countries. Investment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) into the UK was worth £4.3 billion in 2016.During the 3 day visit, Dr Fox will also meet government and industry representatives from Bahrain and the UAE, championing the UK’s strong business proposition and its free trading values.International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said: Trade in goods and services between the UK and UAE is worth £14.6 billion and is the UK’s fourth largest export market outside of Europe, whilst Bahrain is a country of huge potential with trade already accounting for more than £740 million.The visit is a clear demonstration of the importance of the UK’s economic relationship with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, following the creation of the UK-GCC trade and investment group, aiming to boost British trade in the region.Driving exports to the Middle East, the Department for International Trade has supported a Dudley furnace manufacturer to secure a £25 million order from Bahrain, helping the firm grow its workforce in the UK. Already exporting to more than 50 countries globally, Mechatherm International has built a customer base of blue chip companies, specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of bespoke furnaces used to make aluminium.Mechatherm’s ongoing success overseas is being celebrated by the DIT’s Exporting is GREAT campaign. The campaign showcases 30+ businesses – from a range of sectors and regions – to inspire and support companies up and down the country to export.Dr Fox MP also announced that the UK’s export credit agency, UK Export Finance (UKEF), will provide £100 million of financing for the construction of the Dubai World Trade Centre by construction company ASGC UK. Phase 4 of the project will see the construction of a hotel and will generate significant business for UK suppliers. This builds on UKEF’s support for the earlier phases of the project.UKEF is also supporting UK businesses to win export contracts in Bahrain by lending or guaranteeing loans in Bahraini Dinar, offering buyers of UK goods the ability to ‘Buy British, pay local’.For further informationContact the DIT Media and Digital Team on 020 7215 2000Follow us: @tradegovuk, I recently launched a bold and ambitious investment programme, building on the UK’s position as the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe and investors from Bahrain and United Arab Emirates will have a great deal to offer. There is a clear appetite for British goods and services all around the world, and as an international economic department we are encouraging UK businesses to grow by taking advantage of the global opportunities available as we leave the EU. From investment projects to export opportunities, million-pound infrastructure deals to evening internet entrepreneurs, the UK is in a great position to trade with the world, creating jobs and prosperity.last_img read more

Dave Matthews Addresses Boyd Tinsley’s Hiatus In New Interview

first_imgDave Matthews addressed a number of topics in a new interview with Vulture, including the recent departure of longtime Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley, who announced a hiatus from the group in February. The interview also touched on the use of DMB’s 1996 classic “Crash Into Me in the Academy Award-nominated 2017 film Lady Bird.When asked about how Matthews and the band intended to move forward in Tinsley’s absence, the singer, songwriter and musician said explained:I have a deep love for Boyd, and he has to deal with his stuff. In many ways I’m sure it would’ve been a lot easier for him to just say, “I’m good. Let’s go play.” But you can’t just throw yourself away, your wellness away, because you play violin in a band. It doesn’t make any sense to do that.Matthews added:I’m used to turning to my right and seeing him going bananas — some days doing it better than other days. You know there’s that idea of genius as something that, like, comes into a room through the window and into a person rather than lives in the person all the time? Sometimes I’d hear Boyd and I’d be like, Holy shit, you are good. Other times it’d be like, Clearly today you left the window closed. But that’s beside the point. We’re all like that. I have terrible nights. The answer is that I don’t know how it’s going to be without him there.While Tinsley’s departure was originally characterized as a temporary arrangement (“I need to take a break from the band & touring 2 focus on my family & my health 4 a while”, the violinist tweeted earlier this year), Matthews acknowledged in the new Vulture interview that they may not be the case. “I can’t say, ‘I can’t wait till he comes back,’ because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “But right now being away is better for him. Nobody is happy about this situation. Except that we’re happy he can figure some stuff out. I hope he does. But I’m going to miss having that whirling-dervish Adonis-Muppet over there on my right. I know the audience is, too. But we can’t serve that desire.”Tinsley wasn’t the only subject addressed during the interview. Matthews also talked about DMB’s forthcoming album Come Tomorrow as well as the band’s sometimes negative reputation amongst music fans. The latter came up during a discussion about the film Lady Bird, which incorporated “Crash Into Me” into one of its titular character’s pivotal moments of development.“There was a great headline I saw online: something like ‘Lady Bird Somehow Resurrects the Dave Matthews Band.’ Without question — and some express it with more vinegar than others — there are people who truly don’t like my band. I think a lot of them just go, ‘I hate the Dave Matthews Band’ because they saw someone they didn’t like in one of our T-shirts,” Matthews explained. “But everything to do with Lady Bird was flattering. It was so lovely to see the song used as a central tool in someone else’s story. And the moment in the movie when it plays is so beautiful: Lady Bird takes a stand, you know? It was also nice for me to see the song through someone else’s eyes because I have a strange relationship with a lot of music that I’ve written. I listen to it and I’m like, ‘What am I talking about? This is bullshit.’ So seeing ‘Crash Into Me’ in Lady Bird allowed me to hear my music without having to impose myself on it.”Additionally, Matthews spoke about DMB’s reputation for partying, why the ’90s were a heyday for jam bands, and the mysterious, non-musical reasons for DMB’s success. You can read the full interview here.last_img read more

Vermont gets $2.25 million from US Dept of Labor for program systems

first_imgGeorgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee (lead)$50,000,000 Delaware$698,769 Utah$1,048,030 Program integrity$63,474,747 Ohio$2,102,382 New Mexico$2,499,029 Colorado$233,458 South Carolina$1,993,051 Iowa$1,444,570 Mississippi$1,999,000 Massachusetts$2,353,081 Program integrity awards District of Columbia$2,233,854 Pennsylvania$1,254,977 Nevada$2,150,000 Maine$1,941,000 Total$191,474,747 Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming (lead)$72,000,000 Arizona$976,396 Kentucky$1,649,886 Alabama$1,177,782 Florida$2,310,791 Oklahoma$1,723,967 Vermont$2,246,844 Total$63,474,747 Kansas$1,077,706 Maryland$1,585,801 Oregon$1,274,464 Tennessee$1,551,365center_img Illinois$2,699,667 Michigan$618,400 Funding CategoryRecommended Amount New York$2,100,000 Georgia$1,439,976 Idaho$2,279,112 Technology infrastructure consortium projects$128,000,000 New Hampshire$198,040 Puerto Rico$1,959,416 ConsortiumRecommended Amount New Jersey$1,650,000 South Dakota$1,507,116 Rhode Island$1,155,696 Missouri$1,403,000 Texas$1,172,918 Louisiana$2,397,750 Total$128,000,000 West Virginia$1,318,593 StateRecommended Amount The state of Vermont will get $2,246,844 as the US Department of Labor today announced awards totaling $191.5 million to 40 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico for unemployment insurance program integrity and technology infrastructure systems. The grants are intended to accelerate actions to reduce UI improper payment rates; provide an opportunity for modernizing UI tax and benefits systems; and enable the design of technology-based tools to prevent, detect and recover improper UI payments. Wisconsin$1,450,536 North Dakota$198,324 Technology infrastructure consortium project awards Maryland, West Virginia and Vermont (lead)$6,000,000 “I was pleased to join Vice President Biden today in announcing efforts to reduce government waste, fraud and abuse,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “We owe it to the American people, especially those who rely on unemployment insurance as a safety net, to be responsible stewards.  This funding will help ensure state UI programs have integrity and run efficiently.”In order to qualify for program integrity funding, states must have implemented or committed to implement all of the core integrity activities.  Awards support activities to address worker misclassification; implement technology-based prevention, detection and collection activities; implement the State Information Data Exchange System for earnings/wage verification, as well as monetary and potential employer charges; implement subscription fees for SIDES; contract staff support for benefit payment control activities; implement the federal Treasury Offset Program; and implement automation efforts that result in overall performance and system improvements.In order to qualify for technology infrastructure consortium project funding, all members of state consortia had to commit to implementing the full range of core integrity activities.  These funds will be used to modify and/or develop one of the core UI benefits or tax and benefit system designs; design additional core UI tax and/or benefit systems using open source components that are exportable to other states; and implement technology-based tools designed to prevent, detect or collect/recover improper UI payments.Fiscal Year 2011 Awards ‘ Unemployment InsuranceSummary Virginia$2,400,000 WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —last_img read more