Dave Matthews Addresses Boyd Tinsley’s Hiatus In New Interview

first_imgDave Matthews addressed a number of topics in a new interview with Vulture, including the recent departure of longtime Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley, who announced a hiatus from the group in February. The interview also touched on the use of DMB’s 1996 classic “Crash Into Me in the Academy Award-nominated 2017 film Lady Bird.When asked about how Matthews and the band intended to move forward in Tinsley’s absence, the singer, songwriter and musician said explained:I have a deep love for Boyd, and he has to deal with his stuff. In many ways I’m sure it would’ve been a lot easier for him to just say, “I’m good. Let’s go play.” But you can’t just throw yourself away, your wellness away, because you play violin in a band. It doesn’t make any sense to do that.Matthews added:I’m used to turning to my right and seeing him going bananas — some days doing it better than other days. You know there’s that idea of genius as something that, like, comes into a room through the window and into a person rather than lives in the person all the time? Sometimes I’d hear Boyd and I’d be like, Holy shit, you are good. Other times it’d be like, Clearly today you left the window closed. But that’s beside the point. We’re all like that. I have terrible nights. The answer is that I don’t know how it’s going to be without him there.While Tinsley’s departure was originally characterized as a temporary arrangement (“I need to take a break from the band & touring 2 focus on my family & my health 4 a while”, the violinist tweeted earlier this year), Matthews acknowledged in the new Vulture interview that they may not be the case. “I can’t say, ‘I can’t wait till he comes back,’ because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “But right now being away is better for him. Nobody is happy about this situation. Except that we’re happy he can figure some stuff out. I hope he does. But I’m going to miss having that whirling-dervish Adonis-Muppet over there on my right. I know the audience is, too. But we can’t serve that desire.”Tinsley wasn’t the only subject addressed during the interview. Matthews also talked about DMB’s forthcoming album Come Tomorrow as well as the band’s sometimes negative reputation amongst music fans. The latter came up during a discussion about the film Lady Bird, which incorporated “Crash Into Me” into one of its titular character’s pivotal moments of development.“There was a great headline I saw online: something like ‘Lady Bird Somehow Resurrects the Dave Matthews Band.’ Without question — and some express it with more vinegar than others — there are people who truly don’t like my band. I think a lot of them just go, ‘I hate the Dave Matthews Band’ because they saw someone they didn’t like in one of our T-shirts,” Matthews explained. “But everything to do with Lady Bird was flattering. It was so lovely to see the song used as a central tool in someone else’s story. And the moment in the movie when it plays is so beautiful: Lady Bird takes a stand, you know? It was also nice for me to see the song through someone else’s eyes because I have a strange relationship with a lot of music that I’ve written. I listen to it and I’m like, ‘What am I talking about? This is bullshit.’ So seeing ‘Crash Into Me’ in Lady Bird allowed me to hear my music without having to impose myself on it.”Additionally, Matthews spoke about DMB’s reputation for partying, why the ’90s were a heyday for jam bands, and the mysterious, non-musical reasons for DMB’s success. You can read the full interview here.last_img read more

Vermont gets $2.25 million from US Dept of Labor for program systems

first_imgGeorgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee (lead)$50,000,000 Delaware$698,769 Utah$1,048,030 Program integrity$63,474,747 Ohio$2,102,382 New Mexico$2,499,029 Colorado$233,458 South Carolina$1,993,051 Iowa$1,444,570 Mississippi$1,999,000 Massachusetts$2,353,081 Program integrity awards District of Columbia$2,233,854 Pennsylvania$1,254,977 Nevada$2,150,000 Maine$1,941,000 Total$191,474,747 Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming (lead)$72,000,000 Arizona$976,396 Kentucky$1,649,886 Alabama$1,177,782 Florida$2,310,791 Oklahoma$1,723,967 Vermont$2,246,844 Total$63,474,747 Kansas$1,077,706 Maryland$1,585,801 Oregon$1,274,464 Tennessee$1,551,365center_img Illinois$2,699,667 Michigan$618,400 Funding CategoryRecommended Amount New York$2,100,000 Georgia$1,439,976 Idaho$2,279,112 Technology infrastructure consortium projects$128,000,000 New Hampshire$198,040 Puerto Rico$1,959,416 ConsortiumRecommended Amount New Jersey$1,650,000 South Dakota$1,507,116 Rhode Island$1,155,696 Missouri$1,403,000 Texas$1,172,918 Louisiana$2,397,750 Total$128,000,000 West Virginia$1,318,593 StateRecommended Amount The state of Vermont will get $2,246,844 as the US Department of Labor today announced awards totaling $191.5 million to 40 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico for unemployment insurance program integrity and technology infrastructure systems. The grants are intended to accelerate actions to reduce UI improper payment rates; provide an opportunity for modernizing UI tax and benefits systems; and enable the design of technology-based tools to prevent, detect and recover improper UI payments. Wisconsin$1,450,536 North Dakota$198,324 Technology infrastructure consortium project awards Maryland, West Virginia and Vermont (lead)$6,000,000 “I was pleased to join Vice President Biden today in announcing efforts to reduce government waste, fraud and abuse,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “We owe it to the American people, especially those who rely on unemployment insurance as a safety net, to be responsible stewards.  This funding will help ensure state UI programs have integrity and run efficiently.”In order to qualify for program integrity funding, states must have implemented or committed to implement all of the core integrity activities.  Awards support activities to address worker misclassification; implement technology-based prevention, detection and collection activities; implement the State Information Data Exchange System for earnings/wage verification, as well as monetary and potential employer charges; implement subscription fees for SIDES; contract staff support for benefit payment control activities; implement the federal Treasury Offset Program; and implement automation efforts that result in overall performance and system improvements.In order to qualify for technology infrastructure consortium project funding, all members of state consortia had to commit to implementing the full range of core integrity activities.  These funds will be used to modify and/or develop one of the core UI benefits or tax and benefit system designs; design additional core UI tax and/or benefit systems using open source components that are exportable to other states; and implement technology-based tools designed to prevent, detect or collect/recover improper UI payments.Fiscal Year 2011 Awards ‘ Unemployment InsuranceSummary Virginia$2,400,000 WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —last_img read more

Western Australia green hydrogen project moves a step closer to reality

first_imgWestern Australia green hydrogen project moves a step closer to reality FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Plans for a massive green hydrogen production facility in Western Australia are a step closer to realisation, after the proponents secured an agreement with Western Power to undertake initial studies for new transmission network link.Infinite Blue Energy is proposing to build one of the world’s largest renewable hydrogen production facilities in Western Australia, with a $350 million plan for the Arrowsmith green hydrogen project that would include 160MW of onsite wind and solar projects and the ability to produce as much as 25 tonnes of zero emissions hydrogen each day.While the Infinite Blue Energy plans to produce more than three-quarters its power needs from the onsite renewable energy projects, the company has secured an agreement to partner with Western Power to undertake initial planning work for an additional 330kV transmission network link to the proposed green hydrogen facility.The network connection would allow the project to draw upon renewables being produced elsewhere in the Western Australian grid and to continue producing green hydrogen during periods when local wind and solar availability is low.Through the cooperative agreement, both Infinite Blue Energy and Western Power will progress early studies into an upgraded transmission link between Eneabba to the site of the proposed Arrowsmith project, to be located around 300 kilometres north of Perth.Infinite Blue Energy expects that the project will produce an estimated 5,000GWh renewable electricity each year, with the prospect that some surplus power could be fed back into the grid to serve Western Australian consumers. The results of the network studies will inform Infinite Blue Energy’s final investment decision on the massive hydrogen project, which it expects to make in January next year.[Michael Mazengarb]More: Massive green hydrogen project signs network deal with Western Powerlast_img read more

The May Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors is Live!

first_imgQUICK HITSA.T. fugitive faces sentencing • Mount Mitchell State Park expands • Bat populations decimated by White Nose fungus • Underground 5K • Parks in perilFLASHPOINTWill electric bikes trash the trails or open them to new riders?THE DIRTStrive not to drive: use public transit to visit these five public lands and waterways.FESTIVAL GUIDE 2016From big music blowouts to boutique gatherings, there are galas taking place nearly every weekend. Find the best 100 bashes in the Blue Ridge, check out a detailed strategy for finding the best fest in the South, 5 must-see emerging bands, and 13 money-saving tips for festival season.ROANOKE REINVENTEDLook out, Asheville. Star City is on the rise. With a new mayor and a thriving outdoor community, Roanoke is poised to become the next big mountain town.FORWARD EVERTennessee is home to the country’s top paracyclists, including three athletes eyeing the 2016 Paralympics.ADVENTURE BREWERIESCraft breweries in the Blue Ridge are often perfectly placed on the doorstep of adventure. Knock back a pint at one of these nine brewery basecamps.OVERLANDINGExtreme, geared-up car campers explore the wilds of West Virginia on wheels and on film.last_img read more

‘The Walking Dead’ Tiptoes Through the Walkers in Disappointing Mid-Season Finale

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Lissa HarrisWARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!Watching Alexandria get overrun by walkers in the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead last Sunday, I felt the same heartbreak as when they overran the farm in the season 2 finale.I want these survivors to be able to stay somewhere for longer than a couple of months. How many times can we hear someone say, “We could really make a life here,” only to be proven wrong by the onslaught of walkers, cannibals, savages, etc.? As Enid says to Glenn, “This is how it happens, and it always happens.”The entire episode gives us more than enough viewpoints of what I call the “precious life” vs. “kill to survive” debate that has been threaded throughout the season so far. Maybe too many.Locked away in a basement room, the Alpha Wolf gang captive is like True Detective’s Rust Cohle. He believes that the survivors are all anomalies just waiting to be “set free.” In the same room Dr. Denise tells the Wolf, “You weren’t born this way, you changed. You can change.”Then Carol and Morgan enter the basement. Carol threatens to kill the Alpha Wolf and Morgan, too, if he gets in her way. Morgan won’t let her, because “all life is precious” – even black, beady-eyed, yellow teeth, evidently evil life. The two fight it out, setting up Alpha Wolf’s escape with Dr. Denise held hostage at gun point. In a twist of fate, Carol seems to have become the liability she is always trying to remove from the group. And we’re still no closer to calling the debate’s winner.Before she dies from a zombie bite, Deanna explains the right answer to why Rick saved her son, which I covered in last week’s blog. The right answer is not that Rick is a good guy, as I had thought, but because he is a part of the Alexandria family. Meh. It’s hard for me to empathize.Knowing what Rick has done to protect his own family over the course of six seasons, I think the residents of Alexandria should have gotten down on their knees and begged Rick to lead them right from the start. I understand that they don’t know Rick like I do, but I’m the one whom the writers should be writing for. Deanna’s deathbed scene with Michonne was touching and, at the time, gave me hope that healing is possible even in the most heinous of circumstances.Then we have some throw-away theories to contemplate. Tara, trapped in a garage with Eugene and Rosita, implies that the survivors have a debt to pay in order for them to deserve to live in a place like Alexandria. Rosita quickly—and correctly—calls this point of view bullshit. In an annoying sub-plot with Ron and Carl, they argue about whose dad is the worse killer, pitching their own analysis of their overall situation.  Much like Carl’s inability to grow into his father’s hat, the young actor Chandler Riggs has yet to grow into his acting chops. I laughed when Carl delivers this line to Ron, “You need to know something: your dad was an asshole.”Maybe if the writers had focused more on creating drama that had the same intensity we’re used to seeing on TWD, and dispensed with giving every single character a point of view, then this episode would have been better. It was nowhere nearly as exciting as mid-season finales of seasons past.Little did we know that Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” in the opening soundtrack was foreshadowing this mid-season finale’s final scene, but it still wasn’t enough to take my breath away.Remember last season’s gut-wrenching moment when Maggie drops to the ground at the sight of Daryl carrying Beth’s dead body? I felt horrible for days afterwards. Or when Rick shoots a turned Sophia, Carol’s 8-year-old daughter who the group had been searching for in season 2? These scenes were horrifying and dripping with drama.Besides the lackluster drama, the show just keeps adding more plot holes we have to swallow: throngs of walkers who disappear or conveniently thin out, babies who never cry, CGI ants, kids who never act like kids—oh, wait, that last one remains to be seen, but I’ve made my point. The Walking Dead is a good show, but even a good show can have a bad season. I’m reminded of “Homicide: Life on the Street” and the last terrible season of this otherwise mind-blowingly great show.Is this where TWD is headed? I don’t know yet, but the quality of the second half of season 6 may determine the show’s fate. We’ll know next February when it resumes.last_img read more

Booking.com, modeled on hotel categorization, introduces quality ratings for private accommodation

first_img“We are excited to be the first to introduce this technology and develop a service that has not been present in this industry so far. Hotel guests can rely on the well-known star system when making decisions, while travelers who choose unique accommodation facilities have so far lacked something similar in the decision-making process. Travelers on Booking.com can now search for apartments, cottages or villas according to their Quality Score with valuable and verified guest reviews, knowing that they will choose accommodation that meets their expectations. 75% of all facilities that recently received Booking.com’s Traveler Review Awards 2020 are actually holiday homes, apartments and other non-hotel accommodation, of which almost 40% go to apartments. With this new system, we look forward to making it even easier for travelers to find the perfect accommodation in their desired destination.“, Said Eric Bergaglia, global head of Booking.com’s holiday home and apartment division. The new quality ratings for apartments, cottages and villas on Booking.com are similar to the hotel classification with stars, which objectively rates hotels according to a certain set of criteria, and the aim of these ratings is to fill this gap in the travel industry. This rating will serve as a global benchmark for travelers to more easily identify and select facilities that meet their quality criteria. 39 percent of travelers around the world, the same goes for 60 percent of travelers from Croatia, in 2020 will prefer to stay in a cottage or apartment rather than a hotel, and “star rating” is one of the most popular filters on Booking.com, so this innovation reflects Booking.com’s constant commitment and investment in making the travel experience as simple as possible, while offering guests the widest choice of accommodation. Source / photo: Booking.com Accommodation page and search results with quality ratings The system for calculating quality ratings is based on a machine learning algorithm, which takes into account more than 400 factors such as facility location, size and facilities, making it easier for travelers to recognize the quality and comfort of facilities around the world. The yellow squares, which can be between 1 and 5, clearly indicate differences in quality and are located next to the name of the object on Booking.com. Quality scores are compared with nearby facilities to make the results relevant locally and recalculated throughout the year to be accurate. The USA, Greece, Spain, Italy and France are at the top of the list of countries with the highest number of best ratings (5 out of 5), and travelers from Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and China lead the list of nationalities most often choosing apartments, cottages and villas with the best ratings. How quality assessment works Top ratings worldwide When it comes to offering the perfect accommodation, travelers today are offered more choice than ever before. Hotel classification with stars is known all over the world and is used as a means of recognizing and comparing the quality of a particular hotel, and so far there was no rating system that would provide the same information to travelers wishing to stay in non-hotel accommodation such as apartments or holiday homes. Booking.com’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to explore the world, and on average, every second, seven guests check into a vacation home, apartment or other non-hotel accommodation booked through Booking.com. Therefore, Booking.com is taking the lead in creating a unique, globally consistent and objective quality rating system for apartments, cottages and villas.last_img read more

I went from top dog to trainee after catching the development bug

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Japan power companies use less LNG in Aug

first_imgFor illustration purposes only (Image courtesy of Tokyo Electric)Liquefied natural gas (LNG) use by Japan’s power companies declined by 11.2 percent in August as compared to the same month a year ago, the preliminary data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry shows.The power companies consumed 4.60 million mt of LNG in August as compared to 5.19 million mt in the same month last year.When compared to the month before, LNG usage by the power companies dropped 6.5 percent.LNG purchases by the power companies in July were at 5.35 million mt – showing a slight rise of 0.1 percent on year and an increase of 18.3 percent as compared to the previous month, the data shows. LNG World News Stafflast_img

CNN Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Oppose Abortion in All or Most Cases

first_imgTownhall.com 10 March 2014Overlooked in the CPAC shuffle of late last week were the results of a nationwide CNN survey on abortion, the results of which confirm America’s anti-abortion trend.  A solid majority (58 percent) of respondents espoused viewpoints associated with the pro-life movement; namely, that abortion should be legal under “few” or “no” circumstances.  The ‘mostly illegal’ position represented a strong plurality at 38 percent.  Meanwhile, just 40 percent of Americans said that the practice should be “always” or “mostly” legal.  Also, public financing of abortion remains heavily unpopular.According to the poll, 27% say that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, 13% say it should be legal in most circumstances, 38% say that it should be legal in few circumstances, and 20% say abortion should always be illegal….Most Americans have never favored using public funds for abortions for women who cannot afford them. According to the survey, 56% remain opposed, with only 39% favoring public funding for abortions.    The poll showed that less than one-third of self-identified Democrats embrace the legal abortion in all circumstances — an extreme position embraced by President Obama and Planned Parenthood.  That organization’s president recently stated that she didn’t believe life begins until after birth, dismissing the core underlying question as irrelevant. Another Planned Parenthood official offered shocking testimony last year that the “right” to abortion may extend beyond the womb.  Unfortunately, CNN did not provide the internals of its poll, so I can’t review the breakdown of responses along gender and age lines.  Fortunately, CNN’s overall results are virtually identical to Gallup’s survey released last spring.  Those internals revealed that 57 percent of women and young people selected pro-life responses.  Former HP CEO and US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was one of the few speakers at CPAC to address abortion at any length (Chris Christie was another).  She pushed back hard against the “war on women” meme in her Saturday remarks:http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/03/10/cnn-poll-58-percent-of-americans-oppose-abortion-in-all-or-most-circumstances-n1806283last_img read more